Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus

Special Edition with Planet Mercury was Assembled on June 1st 2019

About this Special Edition
The Greek name for the planet Mercury was Hermes, and he was associated with both the mythological god and the semi-divine figure of the wise Hermes Trismegistus, the legendary father of all sciences. Therefore the wisdom of the Hermetic corpus was intimately connected to with the planet Mercury (which is associated with the active powers of the intellect) and the emerald is its sacred stone.

This year Mercury’s visit to his own heavenly domicile (Gemini) was very swift, as he was around his maximum speed, separating from the superior conjunction with the Sun. We caught him in an auspicious time window, as he was just separating from the solar rays, culminating at the Midheaven, while also being the ruler of the Rising sign (Virgo). Additionally, at this election, he was also “receiving” (ruling/disposing) the Sun into his own Sign, as the Sun was also culminating in Gemini.

Disposing both rising sign and the sun, and culminating at the Midheaven makes him the ultimate ruler of the chart, and highlighting very powerfully all of his natural qualities. His swiftness of motion is also considered an empowering factor (accidental dignity), as he is more active, quick to think and react, witty and gives fast outcomes in the things he represents. This is truly a powerful Talisman for writing, speaking, learning, memory, business dealings, fast thinking, and acting on one's thoughts. Mercury also has higher expressions and is also considered the ‘revealer of mysteries’, and helps in gaining a higher understanding and articulation of occult and abstract truths.

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