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אתם בוחרים את שלושת הרונים המתאימים עבורכם לחיזוק התכונות שאתם מעוניינים לחזק בחייכם.
₪1,449     (מחיר in זהב: ₪11,969)
15.00cm/2.50cm -  5.9Inch/1Inch
כסף סטרלינג 925     אותו המוצר ב- זהב

תיאור המוצר

בחירת הרון שיופיע בצמיד
בצמיד זה מופיעים שלושה רונים לפי בחירתכם. הנכם מתבקשים לבחור את הרון לפי ההסברים המופיעים בתיאור מוצר המלא ולכתוב לנו את שם הרון בתיבת ההערות שנמצאת בטופס הזמנה.

מידע על חומרים מהם עשוי התליון
החלק האמצעי המכיל את האות הרונית עשוי מפליז
וכל מה שמקיף אותו עשוי מכסף או זהב (לפי שם התליון).

התאמת אורך הצמיד
תוכלו לשלוח לנו את היקף היד שלכם ודודי יבצע התאמה של האורך עבורכם.

אודות רונים
פירוש המילה rune הוא "סוד" או "לחישה". במיתולוגיה הנורדית מיוחסים לרונים כוחות קסם כאשר ככל הנראה סודות השימוש בהם היו ידועים לאליטה מצומצמת. בפואמות הנורדיות הקדומות מוזכרים הרונים כאמצעי לריפוי חיזוי וניבוי וקבלת ידע מהעולמות שמעבר. בפואמות האלו מסופר על אודין שרצה לקבל את הידע הנשגב ותלה עצמו במהופך מ"עץ העולם" ה"ייגדרסיל" למשך תשעה ימים ותשעה לילות שבסיומם התגלו לו הרונים וכאשר הוא לקח אותם הוא זכה בעצמתם.

הרעיון בצמיד זה הוא שהנכם בוחרים את הסמלים המיוחדים שמתאימים לכם הם אלה שישובצו בתכשיט. סמל זה מעצים את הגורם או הכח אותו אתם מחפשים בחייכם.

אחד הדברים שגרמו לי ליצור את התכשיטים האלו הוא החיבור החזק לטבע כפי שהיה קיים באותם ימים.
הפונטים והסמלים עצמם קשורים ישירות לכוחות הטבע שבהם חיו אותם בני אדם. הסגנון שבו השתמשתי בעיצוב התכשיטים משקף את אותה ראיה ותפיסה שמהם צמחו הסמלים והמסורות האלו כגון דיוק ככל שניתן ותחושה של אותנטיות כך שכל אחד מכם ירגיש שהתכשיט נוצר על ידי צורף נורדי קדום.



Rune Meanings - Frey Rune Meanings - Uruz Rune Meanings - Thorn Rune Meanings - Ansuz Rune Meanings - Raido Rune Meanings - Kaunaz Rune Meanings - Gebo Rune Meanings - Wunjo
Rune Meanings - Hagalaz Rune Meanings - Nauthiz Rune Meanings - ISA Rune Meanings - Jera Rune Meanings - Eihwaz Rune Meanings - Pertho Rune Meanings - Algiz Rune Meanings - Sowulu
Rune Meanings - Teiwaz Rune Meanings - Berkana Rune Meanings - Ehwaz Rune Meanings - Mannaz Rune Meanings - Laguz Rune Meanings - Inguz Rune Meanings - Dagaz Rune Meanings - Othila

Rune Stone Meanings - Frey  FEOH(f), FORTUNE

Rune sacred to Freya, Goddess of fecundity and love.
A fulfillment rune of good fortune, material stability, security, wealth.  "The primal cow, the sow, the fertile originating animals, our common beginning."  It is essential to share good fortune with others. This rune also indicates fertility and harmony.
Good fortune, fertitliy and harmony


Rune Stone Meanings - UruzUR (U), POWER

A Rune sacred to Thor, God of thunder and strength.
A rune of creativity and sexual energy.  UR also represents the death of a cycle, out with the old wild ox and in with the new.  May indicate a dark period with material loss or the loss of a person but new opportunities will arise from this. Opportunities, sexuality and good luck are the keywords for this rune.
Strength, power and sexuality


Rune Stone Meanings - ThornTHORN (TH), 

Rune sacred to Loki, trickster and shape changer.
A rune of negative change, contemplation and conflict.  Synonymous with the hammer of Thor, this rune represents: trolls, demons, giants and male power.  Strength may be found by observing the past and future.  As Thor was the Norse God of strength other key meanings of this rune are: security, protection and possibly good news.

Strength, protection and security

Rune Stone Meanings - Ansuz AS (A), ODIN

A Rune sacred to Odin, God of Wind and Spirit.
A rune of God's blessing and joy.  A time to expect the unexpected, new beginnings and communications, messengers, signals and gifts.  A guarantee of harmony and order.  As this rune is also representative of Odin himself other meanings associated with this rune are: wisdom, psychic power and aid from someone older.
Blessings and Joy, wisdom, Psychic power

Rune Stone Meanings - RaidoRAIDO (R), WHEEL

A Rune sacred to Thor and thunder.
A rune of personal development and transformation.  This rune is indicative of journeys and travel.  The journeys may be of a physical or spiritual nature, but either way will bring about some positive developments.  It is also a time of choice and of making the right move to ensure all effort and energy is channeled in the right direction.
Personal development and transformation. Journey rune (both physical and spiritual).

Rune Stone Meanings - KaunazKEN (K), FIRE

A Rune sacred to Heimdall, the underworld watcher.
A rune of renewed light after a period of darkness or confusion. As a torch this rune also represents creative fire and artistic impulse.  it is a shining beacon of hope in the dark.
Creative fire and artistic impulse. Hope in dark times.

Rune Stone Meanings - Gebo


A Rune of a sacred mark dedicated to the Gods.
A rune of generosity and the giving and receiving of gifts; and with the help of the Gods, kindness and aid to others.  It is a gift and a greeting of peace.  Partnerships and relationships are blessed. This rune also represents sacrifice and the balance of opposing factions or elements.  A remnant of Gyfu gis still sent today to mark the passing of another year.
Gift giving, kindness and blessed relationship.

Rune Stone Meanings - WunjoWYN (W), JOY


A Rune sacred to Odin.
A rune of material and emotional gain, through diligence.  It also indicates comfort and renewed energy.  Situations will change for the better.  Peace balance and harmony are the keywords with the possibility that wishes will be fulfilled.  A time to re-evaluate one's plans and goals as darkness has given way to light.

material and emotional gain through diligence. Peace, balace and harmony.

Rune Stone Meanings - HagalazHAGAL (h), HAIL


A rune sacred to Heindall the watcher and Mordgud, keeper of the icy bridge to the underworld.
A rune that warns of illness.  Hagal means hail and is symbolic of uncontrolled and destructive forces.  It is a time of upheaval, discord and disruption and general bad luck.  There will be setbacks and problems all which need to be endured in order to come through on the other side.
Uncontrolled destructive forces. General bad luck

Rune Stone Meanings - NauthizNYO (N), NEED


A Rune sacred to Norns, weavers of fate and Nort, Goddess of night who gives birth to day.
A rune of limit, limitation and patience.  Keywords include: necessity, need, absence, sadness, tiredness.  It is indicative of the hardship of existing on less than enough.  Much hard work and patience is needed to work through the pain and strife, but the experience must be treated as a period of learning in order to overcome difficulty rather than becoming bitter.  There is a warning against greed and desire as this will only prove destructive.

Warning against greed and desire. Hard work and patience need to work through.

Rune Stone Meanings - IsaIS (I), ICE


A Rune sacred to intensity, it intensifies any other rune associated with it.
The rune of obstacles and mental blocks.  It is a barrier stopping or preventing, while warning against proceeding.  As a beacon it is a "shining light", but stillness, patience and sacrifice of the "I" may win the prize.  Other meanings include: coldness between people, lethargy, death end, termination, strong hidden forces and blocks to thought and deed.  This rune intensifies the meaning of any other runes associated with it.

Obstacles and mental blocks. Intensify any other rune associated with it.

Rune Stone Meanings - JeraGER (J), YEAR


A Rune sacred to Freya and Frey the bountiful couple.
The rune of harvest, fertility and the turning wheel.  This rune is symbolic of success, an abundant year and the cycles of nature and life.  Projects will succeed although plans cannot be rushed and patience must be observed.  Effort reaps its reward.  Other meanings include: the sacred marriage between heaven and earth, thriving crops, generosity of kings and prosperity.  "When the harvest comes - celebrate!".
Success and abundant year. Effort reaps its reward.

Rune Stone Meanings - eihwazYR or EOH (el),


A Rune sacred to Odin, who gathered the dead souls for their journey to Valhalla or the underworld.
As with the 13th card of death in the tarot deck, this rune is also symbolic of death, but death in the sense of a cycle of life.  It highlights the importance of death in human life as in death, regeneration and rebirth.  This rune is symbolic of the gate to the underworld.  Patience is needed to work through a period of stagnation.  Old ways will pass giving rise to the new.
Symbol of death in the sense of a cycle of life. Regeneration and rebirth. Old ways will pass giving rise to new ones.

Rune Stone Meanings - PerthoPEORTH (P), HEARTH

A Rune sacred to Frigg, the "All Mother".
This is a rune of mystery and things not being quite what they seem.  It is a time to experience the unexpected and live for the now.  Other meanings include: womb, female fertility.  A game that is played between "desire and destiny".  A rune of revelation.
Rune of mystery. Experience the unexpected and live the now.

Rune Stone Meanings - Algiz EOIH or AQUIZI (Z),


A Rune sacred to Heimdall, the watcher.
A Rune symbolic of protection and shelter. Temptation may be put in the way of an individual, but this is to be resisted. Emotions must be contained and pain and strife overcome in order to move forward.  Other meanings include: new beginnings, protect what has been worked for, the hand sign to ward off evil, divine aspirations, elk-sedge a plant which hurts anyone who touches it and a strong symbol of protection.
Protection and shelter. Overcome pain to move forward.

Rune Stone Meanings - SowuluSIGEL (S), SUN


A Rune sacred to Balder, the beautiful God and the Solar Wheel.
A rune of health, wealth and happiness and contact with one's higher self.  Now is the time to use the sun's energy for regeneration and reveal secrets that are hidden.  Other meanings include: creativity, guidance particularly of sailors, spiritual power to "resist disintegration", the light of the world and positive beneficial magic.
Rune of health, wealth and happiness and contact with one's higher self.

Rune Stone Meanings - TeiwazTYR (t),
TRY (God of War)


A Rune sacred to Tyr, Lord of the Heavens and war leader.
A rune of bravery and steadfastness in the face of any adversity. New partnerships will produce great things.  This is a rune of energy, contentment and passion and it is a much used talisman.  Other meanings include: a brave and noble death, self knowledge, faith, victory and success in law and war.
A rune of bravery and steadfastness in the face of any adversity.

Rune Stone Meanings - BerkanaBEORC (B),


A Rune sacred to the Earth Goddess.
This is a rune of new birth and new beginnings.  Although it can be indicative of an actual birth or marriage it can also refer to personal growth and development and the prosperity of an enterprise.  It can indicate the start of something special and to facilitate this, doubts must cleansed before moving forward.  Other meanings include: fertility in the bodily sense, beauty and the breasts of the Earth Goddess.
Rune of new birth and new beginnings. Doubtsmust cleansed before moving forward.

Rune Stone Meanings - EhwazEH (e), HORSE


A Rune sacred to Frey, Summer sun and the erect penis.
This is a rune of travel and change, possibly of job, career, residence or maybe all three.  This rune brings a message from the Gods and rank, pride, happiness and an aid to the restless.  It may also indicate spiritual journeys and faith in one's destiny.


Rune Stone Meanings - MannazMAN (M)


A Rune sacred to Odin, the "All Father" and Heimdall, the watcher.
This is the rune of mankind and all of the attributes which set humans apart.  it suggests that the middle path should be sought and followed and it also refers to family matters.  Other meanings include: a connection to others, mutual joy intelligence, memory and culture.  Also a desire for change.
All the makes humans apart. Suggest that the MIDDLE PATH should be sought.

Rune Stone Meanings - LaguzLAGU (L),


A Rune sacred to Njord, God of the wealth of the sea.
This is the rune of unconscious intuition and mystery.  It can be indicative of some levels of psychic ability and the courage to trust in hunches.  It can mean success in travel, also gains made at the expense of loss.  Other meanings include: the ebb and the flow of the tides, waves, seas and lakes and the power of green growth bursting through the soil.
This is the rune of unconscious intuition and mystery.

Rune Stone Meanings - InguzING (ng),

Rune sacred to Frey, Summer sun and consort of Freya.
This is a rune of peace and prosperity, also fertility especially male potency.  It is symbolic of the erect phallus and fertilising power.  Projects, ideas and even people reach their full potential.  Matters come to a head and problems are resolved.  The hearth and home are protected.
Rune of peace and prosperity. Also fertility especially male potency.

Rune Stone Meanings - DagazDAEG (d), DAY


A Rune sacred to Heimdall, the watcher.
This is a rune of harmonious unexpected success.  It is a balance between light and darkness; as night gives way to dawn, this gives way to day and so on.  It is a beacon of light bringing forth clarity, success and abundance in life.  The time is right to embark upon a new project, but be cautious in the journey forward.
This is a rune of harmonious unexpected success.

Rune Stone Meanings - OthilaODAL (O), ANCESTRAL PROPERTY

A Rune sacred to heritage.
This is a rune of inheritance and the discarding of traditional well worn ways in order to move forward. It symbolises mental and spiritual heritage, property and old traditions and family values. Other meanings associated with this rune are: the freeing of an individual from a group or clan, fundamental ideas and spiritual values.  Although something may have to be given up or lost in order to acquire property or an estate, the wise use of resources is indicated here.
It symbolises mental and spiritual heritage, property and old traditions and family values but also the ability to free from those values in order to move forward.


This rune stone is blank and symbolises something that cannot be known or cannot be controlled and as such fate will decide the outcome. Something that cannot be known or controlled.

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  • כתב אחריות

    30 יום החזר כספי מלא
    אנו מבטיחים 30 יום החזר כספי מלא. ההחזר יבוצע לאחר שהתכשיט יגיע אלינו חזרה. אנא צרו איתנו קשר לפני שליחת התכשיט חזרה.

    כסף וזהב אמיתיים
    דודי חבר במכון התקנים הישראלי ומבצע בדיקות תקופתיות של הכסף והזהב. המכון עושה בדיקות שהכסף הוא כסף סטרלינג 925 והזהב הוא או 14 קאראט או 18 קאראט לפי הצורך. אחריות נגד כשל ייצור
    אם אחד המוצרים נשבר כתוצאה משימוש רגיל וסביר תוכלו לשלוח אלינו ודודי יתקן אותו.

    משלוח אבוד
    אנו מכסים על משלוחים שאבדו בדואר. אם משלוח אבד אנו נשלח תכשיט חדש על חשבוננו.

    תיקון מידת טבעת
    אם הזמנתם טבעת והיא אינה מתאימה תוכלו לשלוח אותה אלינו ודודי יתקן את המידה בחינם.

  • שמירה על המוצרים

    התכשיטים של דודי מיוצרים באהבה והקפדה. כדי לשמור עליהם מומלץ להקפיד על הכללים הבאים:

    • נקו את התכשיטים מפעם לפעם באמצעות הבד שהמגיע עם האריזה.
    • anti-tarnish pouch אחסנו את התכשיטים בנפרד בקופסא או.
    • הסירו התכשיטים לפני כניסה לבריכה, אמבטיה, ניקוי הבית או שימוש בתכשירי ניקוי.
    • שימוש בשמים, דיאודורנט ומוצרי יופי אחרים לפני ענידת התכשיט. חלק ממוצרי היופי עשויים לגרום לתכשיטים נזק.

  • מה מגיע בחבילה?

    כל תכשיט נמכר בתוך קופסא מעוצבת ומוטבע עליו סימן אותנטיות. יחד עם האריזה מגיע גם מגילה עם הסבר על התכשיט ומשמעותו.

    מה מגיע בחבילה?

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