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The Spiritual Jewelry of David Weitzman

David Weitzman calls himself a cosmic jewelry artist. For many years he has been studying the Kabala, Tibetan Buddhism, the ancient Egypt and the mysterious Atlantis. This gives him an inspiration for his marvelous jewelry, all of which have deep symbolic meaning and do something to the person, who wears them. "I want to create something that unites people instead of divides them, something that transcends religion."
David Weitzman has named his studio and his website Ka, an ancient Egyptian concept for life force or soul, which has existed eternally and always continues to exist, even after it has left the body. Chi or Lotus could also have been options because - although these symbols come from a totally different part of the world - they stand for precisely the same idea: The absolute perfection of life force, the creation and order of matter. And beyond that, a glimpse of the Truth with a capital T, which is so desirable for the mystic person and the searcher. David is both. For many years he has been obsessed with studying the Kabala, Tibetan Buddhism, the Ancient Egypt and the remnants of Atlantis, which in his opinion must have been the cradle of the old and powerful religions. He designs dazzling jewelry based on the powerful symbols of these religions and many people claim that the rings and pendants that he creates somehow contain spirituality. They often experience a sweeping change in their inner and outer world, precisely the change they needed or were looking for. "Of course this is so," says David over a somewhat creaky telephone line from Tel Aviv. "But this has nothing to do with me personally. This is simply the power of the symbol."
The searcher and the artist are in the meantime at peace with a knowledge that he has always possessed, this is what emerges from his story. But it wasn't always easy. “I was already a bit 'strange' in kindergarten. You know how young boys are: they brag about their fathers and are always trying to outdo each other.

 I would stand there and look and think to myself: OK, they're not dumber or smarter than anyone else. Strangely enough, I knew that everything would pass us by, that we will get older and ultimately disappear. As a kid every weekend I was allowed to stay over with a friend, who lived in a beautiful house with his father. There was a giant garden in the back with plants and trees, birds everywhere, absolutely fascinating. I often used to ask myself; how did they come about? What has created them and who has given them these colors and forms? I understood that something must command all this and I wanted to look for it. I was then four or five years old. I still see myself staring out the window at the starry sky: Thinking about the stars, about the galaxies that came before these, one atmosphere after another and beyond a pure white light. But I was also very scared. I had the feeling that I could also be sucked into it and disappear. Very scary." David passed his exams and graduated from high school not knowing what he wanted to do. The future was exceedingly vague, but oh well…he still had to do his military service, and, in Israel, that takes three years. "I was stationed on the Golan Heights close to the Syrian border. That was a nice time, because there were no wars and the Golan Heights was one of the most magical places on earth. If you threw a stone against a mountain wall, you felt as if the entire earth trembled. I was very happy there. In the evenings I played guitar and in the mornings I would watch eagles circling around above the valley. In 1995 I finished my service and went home, and had a dream. In the dream I was walking through the old city of
1.   The concave ball of 'God's Word' (right) represents the consciousness that had entered all living beings at the time of Creation. On the ring, around the ball is the word Beresheet (Genesis). The cutaway sides show the words Pe (the mouth with which we speak) and Vayomer ('and God spoke'). Left back: Christ Consciousness.

2.    In the pendant Merkaba with Prana sphere the female essence (the concave form) is in perfect balance with the male essence (the straight lines of the star). The Merkaba contributes to spiritual development, achieving harmony and connection with the higher inner self.

3.    Personal Creation. The form of his pendant is based on a grain circle that was discovered in 1991 in a wheat field in Wessex. It contains scientific formulas, such as the Fibonacci sequence, Pi Value, the Seed of Life, and the Tree of Life. This piece of jewelry wants to connect us with the forces of creation and the cosmic language.

4.    The Ring of Courage lets our fears disappear. The Hebrew text in the ring begins with the words: Cowardice is the worst of all characteristics. Fear is the gate that opens foolishness and shuts out wisdom. If fear creeps in, be aware that it is a figment of your own imagination.'

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5.    In the Mobius Ring there is no distinction between the outer side and inner side. This symbol of oneness and wholeness is often sold as a friendship or wedding ring.

6.    On the band of the Genesa Crystal it says: 'The soul has three paths – man, freedom and light'. This derives from the Emerald Tablet of Thoth. This form attracts energy, purifies and harmonizes it and then emits it.

7.    The Four Winds Ring is intended for those looking for the truth in their journey through life. One of the engraved phrases says: 'The further we travel, the less we know' and it comes from the Tao Te Ching.

8.    The wide silver Jerusalem Ring with the cutout pattern from the Seed of Life and around it the Hebrew words Uro (foundation, basis) and Shalem (whole) that together comprise the word Jerusalem.

9.    The Dragon Pendant symbolizes oneness. It is a combination of the Gordian knot and Ouroboros, the snake that bites its own tail eternally.

Jerusalem and came across a store with an immense display of stones. I went inside and told the lady in the store that I was looking for a green stone, which I called shamballa (Shamballa is the place where the Gods lived).”No” she said, “I don't have that type of stone, but have a look at this stone. It comes from another galaxy,” and once again she said “I don't have what you are looking for.”
I woke up very frustrated and continued to be frustrated for three years. I visited dozens of psychics in the hope that someone would be able to explain my dream, but they all turned out to be charlatans."
The will of a higher being
In 1998 a friend visited David. The friend told him that a very strangely behaving hobo was wandering on the street in front of his house. "We went together to just check it out and as soon as I opened the door, the man began to shout at me: 'You are searching for a green stone!' He was very confused, I hardly understood him. He also shouted things like: 'I once had gold, now I only have iron.' He used alchemist concepts to express the fact that he traded his treasure for rubbish.
Two weeks after this incident a friend brought me a book, 'The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Atlantean'. A few days later when I leafed through the book, the penny fell; this was my green stone, Shamballa, the emerald from my dream! The Emerald Tablet (or Tabula Smaragdina) comes from Egypt. It is written in the Phoenician language and translated by Hermes Trismegistus, a Greek sage, who is said to be a reincarnation of Thoth. It contains a number of books that explain the Creation, how life on

Earth relates to life 'Above', how the soul (Ka) detaches from the body, in short – everything! This is the oldest mystic scripture and perhaps the most important one.

Many people claim that the rings and pendants that he creates somehow contain spirituality.

I began to read and felt myself connected with ancient knowledge. My life began to be more fluid and things began to develop quickly. When I looked at a concept, I was able to understand it immediately. I then came up with the idea of jewelry. I felt the need to express these forms outwardly, to realize them. My first item was the Merkaba – a two-dimensional Star of David – which I gave it away to a friend, who was an addict, a hopeless junky. Two weeks later he quit drugs and cigarettes and even became a vegetarian. I personally wear the Kabalistic Key of Sureness, which is also a very interesting symbol. It stands for the idea that whatever I do does not stem from my own ego, but from a higher being.
Holy geometry
David is pre-eminently connected to the ancient Egyptian symbols and buildings, because they contain so many enjoyable aspects of holy geometry. Sacred geometry combines religious and cultural values with the most perfect geometrical forms that are present in the Creation. You see these under a microscope in the first cell

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of an embryo, in the crystals of a snowflake, and in the pattern of a lotus flower that unfolds with the morning sun. You see it also in the great pyramid of Gizeh, in the Cathedral of Chartres and in many mosques.

As a young boy I understood that something must command all this and I wanted to look for it.

Patterns that express wholeness and therefore are far more important to David than his religious symbols. "I want to find something that unites people instead of divides them, something that transcends religion. This probably has to do with the fact that I live in Israel, not the quietest place on earth. There is a great deal of violence here. Different population groups wage life-and-death struggles with each other. And all of them, interesting enough, fight in the name of God. I discovered that most people do not understand anything about the idea of the oneness and beauty hidden in holy geometry. Just look at the patterns and you will see the hand of God! Once in a while I still read the bible and then in between the lines I re-discover fascinating indications and concepts. I once went to a Rabbi and told him about all my fascinating ideas. He listened to me and said: “Listen to me, you have found the Truth, but keep it to yourself. Don't talk about it because tragically, no one will understand it.”
The idea of eternity and especially of universal oneness is probably too

difficult for most people. They want to have nothing to do with it and they mainly perceive the division fanned by all religions. Moses understood that he would not be able to explain the message of oneness to his people. He climbed the mountain, received the secret of the Creation there and thought that it is far too overwhelming and complicated to explain. That's why he came down with 10 simple commandments: Do not steal, do not kill, do not commit adultery, honor your mother and father, etc. It had to be made simple, because his people in the desert could not understand anything else. They believed in different Gods and now they were given guidelines for uniting. You see the same development in Christianity. Compare the immensely rich ideas that come from the Gnostic documents found in Nag Hammadi with the traditional preaching of the Church Fathers up until this century. Everything they preached was focused on strengthening a sense of superiority, not on the message of oneness and enlightenment, which was, what Jesus preached. Sacred geometry transcends division and schisms. One glance at the lotus flower and you are one with God."

For more information:
Two silver pendants designed by David Weizman, the Tree of Life and the Melchizedek Key, can be ordered through Happinez Homeshopping. See page 162. 


10.    The Five Metal Ring brings success and protection to its wearer. The design is based on an old Kabalistic text. This ring can be made only one or two times per month, between 1:00 and 06:00 at night and depending Jupiter's position with respect to the moon. The Kabalistic text says that this way the ring can capture the power of Jupiter, which is the planet of development, growth and success. The ‘stone’ in the ring is built up layer-by-layer out of silver, copper, tin and lead, and covered with gold.  The rest of the ring is silver and engraved with the letters S-A-L (for abundance) and A-D-L (for protections). Both are part of the 72 names of God.

11.    Some of David's clients that wear the Gordian Knot have told him that in their dreams at night they find the solutions to problems they had encountered during the day. "I think that happens because the Gordian Knot symbolizes the idea of oneness that connects everything."

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Christ consciousness
Ring of Courage
Dragon pendant silver
Five metal ring
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Genesa crystal pendant
Gods word
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