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David Weitzman's jewelry are made to inspire and empower the wearer on the journey to happiness and fulfillment in life. Behind each jewel, there is a meaning like love, abundance, courage, healing and self-balance. The meaning of the jewelry is composed of shapes that resonate in harmony, carefully chosen words and David's strong intention.

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Searching by meaning is a great way to find a gift your loved ones will deeply appreciate and cherish. Try to image the person to receive the gift, what will inspire them the most? Search by that characteristic.

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Jewelry for Love Abundance Jewelry Protection Jewelry Courage Jewelry
Love Jewelry
Abundance Jewelry
Protection jewelry
Courage jewelry


Happiness and


Beauty and Harmony

Healing and Self balance

Creativity and Fertility Jewelry Happiness and Joy
Beauty and Harmony Jewelry Healing and self balance Jewelry
Creativity and Fertility jewelry
Happiness and Joy jewelry
Harmony jewelry
Healing and Self Balance jewelry

Modesty and Humility

Success and Self Fulfilment

Unity and Oneness

Self Creation

Modesty and Humility Jewelry Success and Self Fulfillment Jewelry Unity and Oneness Jewelry Creation Jewelry
Modesty and Humility jewelry
Success and Self Fulfilment Jewelry
Unity and Oneness  jewelry
Creation jewelry

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"Dear, I received my order now and I am really impressed! Please have a look at the attached pictures, no words can describe the real beauty of these extraordinary pieces of jewelry. I really feel the energy and power behind when I wear it. Thank you David, thank you Yaron for all of this. I am sure, we will hear from each other in the future. Blessings,"

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