Gordian Knot

Three is the mystery, come from the great one. Hear, and Light on thee will dawn.   

The Gordian knot can be made on a Torus tube which looks like a donut or a sphere that turns in from one side and comes out the other in a perpetual motion. The Torus Tube contains many mathematical formulas and equations. Science began using this model as a geometric\mathematical model of the universe.

Sacred geometry made extensive use of this shape (Sacred geometry is an ancient teaching that stressed the one force or consciousness behind existence, through the laws of geometry). Even the human embryo has a Torus shape during its first stages of existence.
Gordian Knot

Gordian knot Gordian knot
Gold big Gordian knot
Silver big Gordian knot

Alexander the Great and the Gordian Knot

The Gordian knot is associated in legend with Alexander the Great:
The knot was made by Gordias. It was further prophesied by an oracle that the one to untie the knot would become the king of Asia. In 333 BC, Alexander attempted to untie the knot. When he could find no end to the knot, he sliced it in half with a stroke of his sword (the so-called "Alexandrian solution").

The Gordian Knot and the Idea of Unity

According to ancient teachings, in the beginning there was a great void. This void is the creator, with no body, shape or definition. The Creation requires a definition of space and direction. The Torus tube provides this kind of definition by using the inside, the outside, and infinity. It can be used as a philosophical model of creation itself.
The Gordian knot is the simplest of all Torus knots. The shape represents the idea of the ONE GOD and the holy trinity relation which comes from the ONE and exists in everything (positive, negative and neutral).

The word ONE ("ECHAD" in Hebrew) and the word LOVE ("AHAVA in Hebrew), has a numerological value of 13. The number 13 contains the one and the three…

Gordian Knot Pendant

Many people claim they had dreams in which they were able to solve difficult "Karmatic" personal relations or situations during the daytime after wearing the Gordian knot pendant. The reason for this might be that the pendant symbolizes the idea of unity which binds everything into one.
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Here is a part of the Emerald tablet of Thoth that speaks about the idea of ONE and the three:
Three is the mystery, come from the great one.
Hear, and Light on thee will dawn.
In the primeval, dwell three unities.
Other than these, none can exist.

These are the equilibrium, source of creation,
one God, one Truth, one point of freedom.
Three come forth from the three of the balance,
all life, all good, and all power.

Three are the qualities of God in his Light-home:
Infinite power, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Love.
Three are the powers given to the Masters,
To transmute evil, assist good, use discrimination.

Three are the things inevitable for God to perform:
Manifest power, wisdom and love.
Three are the powers creating all things:
Divine Love possessed of perfect knowledge,
Divine Wisdom knowing all possible means,
Divine Power possessed by the joint will of
Divine Love and Wisdom.

Three are the circles (states) of existence:
The circle of Light where dwells nothing but God,
and only God can traverse it;
the circle of Chaos where all things
by nature arise from death;
the Circle of awareness where
all things spring from life.

All things animate are of three states of existence:
chaos or death, liberty in humanity and felicity of Heaven.
Three necessities control all things:
beginning in the Great Deep, the circle of chaos, plenitude in Heaven.
Three are the paths of the Soul:
Man, Liberty, and Light.

Three are the hindrances:
lack of endeavor to obtain knowledge;
non-attachment to god; attachment to evil.
In man, the three are manifest.
Three are the Kings of power within.
Three are the chambers of the mysteries,
found yet not found in the body of man.

Emerald tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

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The Artist - David Weitzman

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