Combines both Beauty and Profound Meaning to Empower your Life!

All of the jewelry on the site is made with great intention and care by the artist, David Weitzman. Whoever knows David, knows how important it is to him to create jewelry that is not only beautiful and esthetic but also holds within it the key to a special power. The power to achieve those things that are most important to you in life.  The jewelry are based on well known and powerful symbols that help you focus your mind and spirit and act as a constant reminder of those things that are special in your life. It’s like a permanent reminder that you carry with you all the time and everywhere you go…

The Ring of Courage as an aid against the Italian Mafia

Roberto Saviano is a well known Italian author who was forced to “go underground” after he devoted his writings to the war against the Italian Mafia. Roberto has a Ring of Courage, made for him by David that he wears constantly. In an interview that can be found on YouTube he talks about the ring and its significance for him and of the inner strength it gives him. He tells of how the ring constantly reminds him of who he really is and who he aspires to be and how it has been a never ending source of inspiration for him.

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Ring of Courage Gold

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Key of Love Gold
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Key of Love Gold

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Key of Love Silver
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Key of Love Silver

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Ring of Love Gold
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Ring of Love Gold

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Ring of Love Silver

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David's Jewelry harness the power of spiritual symbols and sacred geometry to bring those wearing them happiness, vitality, excitement and love. We invite you to join us on a journey full of Harmony, Beauty, ancient wisdom and symbolism.

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