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Merkaba Merkaba
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Merkaba Prana Sphere is the most accurate
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What is Merkaba?

In order to explain what the Merkaba is, we must first generally explain the flow of energy and energy fields that surround the human body. The first definition refers to the Prana or Chi which is the Lifeforce - the unseen energy that exists everywhere in the universe in great quantities. Prana enters the body through the top of our head (this is the reason there is a hole in the skull of unborn embryos). The major Prana flow runs through the center of our body looking like a tube. From there it flows into eight main centers known as Chakras. Chakras is an Indian Sanskrit word meaning "turning wheel", due to the look of these complex energy flows. According to the early Egyptians, there are thirteen chakras and not just eight. 


From the "Chakras" we have branched energetic lines (meridians) that reach every cell in our body. We have a Prana field that surrounds our body as a result of the meridians and the Prana flow. Then there is the field of the aura. The auric field is an egg-shaped energy field that surrounds our body and changes its color according to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. After the auric field, we have hundreds of electromagnetic fields. These fields have precise geometrical shapes. Each one of them is made up of three identical fields with the same size and shape.


The Prana fields are the star tetrahedron, a three dimensional Star of David. A person is able to rotate two of the three-star tetrahedron fields in opposite directions by using the ancient Prana breathing technique, thus creating a huge 17-meter energy field - our light body, the Merkaba. The metaphysical Merkaba is said to be aligned with the main chakras along the spine, terminating at a point above the crown chakra and below the feet chakras.

Merkaba for healing and balance

The varieties of benefits of using the Merkaba are greatly varied. It is a powerful healing and protection tool. By utilizing the ancient Prana breathing technique, we are able to restore the Prana flow through the pineal gland at the center of our brain. This revived use of our gland, which has been virtually dormant for 13,000 years allows the heightened use of our telepathic and extrasensory perception abilities.

The Merkaba balances and revives the activities between the two sides of our brain. Such training strengthens our sensitivities and mental abilities, (at this time we use only 5-10% of our brain). The Merkaba assists us in our spiritual growth. It connects us with our higher self (i.e. ourselves on a higher level of consciousness).

Inlaid Merkaba

The Merkaba enables us to feel unconditional love thus healing ourselves as well as others. It gives us the possibility of creating any kind of harmonious reality we desire. The Merkaba can be "programmed" to do anything (the only drawback being our own belief and imagination). The Merkaba is also a tool that can be used to transcend into other dimensions. Revived studies and practices of the Merkaba are emerging all over the world after so many years of being suppressed from different sources, including the Old Testament, Kabala, and even the traditional Tarot cards.

Merkabah Mysticism

The word originally referred to the moving throne of God in the Bible, like the vision of Ezekiel, and spiritual practices based upon it historically. Merkaba Mysticism or Merkaba deed is a term referring to the Jewish mystic books such as the secret Torah, Pardes and some also include in it the book of creation  (Yetzirah). The word Merkaba or Merkava means chariot and was based upon Ezekiel vision from chapter 1. In the vision, he saw the four Cherubim riding a chariot of fire.

The Merkaba pendant is a powerful symbol and reminder to those wearing it of the power of the Merkaba and its special healing and protective characteristics.

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