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Hunab Ku Pendant Silver

Ancient Mayan symbol of cosmic consciousness

Hunab Ku Pendant Silver
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Jewel’s Intention:
Connect your being with the cosmic consciousness through an ancient Mayan symbol
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Price: $104 USD
Size: 3.0cm/3.0cm -  1.2Inch/1.2Inch
Metal: Solid Sterling Silver 925
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This page in other languages:
Hunab Ku pendentif argent - Français
Hunab Ku pendiente plata - Español
Hunab Ku - Silberhanhänger - Deutsch
フナブ・クー ペンダント シルバー - 日本語
תליון הונאבקו כסף - עברית
Кулон «Хунаб Ку», серебро - русский
Ciondolo Hunab Ku - argento - italiano


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"Dear david, here is the requested photo of me with the pendant you sent me recently. i have also included two pictures of our cats. their names are "whiskey" and "brandy". what are the names of your cat and your dog? hugs -"
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