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Inlaid Victory Ring Silver

Dare to be Great - Symbol of Victory and Fulfillment

Inlaid Victory Ring Silver with Moonstone
Stone in Picture: Moonstone
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Jewel’s Intention:
Inspire you on the path to victory and success
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Price: $140 USD
Size: 1.5cm/1.5cm -  0.6Inch/0.6Inch
Stone:   Stones Information
Metal: Solid Sterling Silver 925
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Shipping: Registered - $6, EMS - $23
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"To beloved David, Yaron and all the staff and support at ka-gold-jewelry, I was led to your website in search of a ring that was an external manifestation of my internal belief in the God of Israel as the root of my belief system. I wanted a Hebrew ring made in Israel by artisans with a spiritual perspective on their craft. The 5 metals priestly blessings ring really resonated with me and I enthusiastically placed my order. All transactions went very smoothly and when I later ordered a Genesa crystal pendant (which I also love!), I was pleasantly surprised when you not only spontaneously integrated my orders together but upgraded without cost to me to expedited shipping... a further sign of the integrity of your business culture. When the ring arrived I realized that I hadn't given much thought to which finger I would wear it on. After a few days I decided to place it next to my Christ Consciousness ring, to me a sign of unity in Christ, which I have worn nearly continuously for the last 7 years. The arrangement is indicative to me of the Father-Son relationship, a relationship that is universally embraced by all men, and which I particularly hold dear. My paternal grandfather was killed in an accident when my Dad was only 13.... but as it says in Psalms 68:5... God is a father to the fatherless.... I have reflected many times how blessed I am to have my Dad.. In February of this year my only son Aaron died unexpectedly, shortly after his 21st birthday. The depths of despair which I have felt and walked through, the realization and processing of the fact that all my hopes and dreams for my beloved son were instantaneously shattered can be summarized in this quote from Washington Irving... "The sorrow for the dead is the only sorrow from which we refuse to be divorced. Every other wound we seek to heal - every other affliction to forget: but this wound we consider it a duty to keep open - this affliction we cherish and brood over in solitude. " I am doing so much better now with regard to my son, and though I still grieve and miss him dearly, I embrace the love in my heart for him and the grief as well, and no longer hold the perspective that my grief for him is something to strive to purge myself of... I accept it, embrace it and release it, and as a consequence have come to spend much much less of my time in a state of grief. I have asked that when it comes time for my transition, that my son be waiting for me to welcome me to paradise... Attached is a photo of the rings on my hand... Blessings, Love and Light to All, Love-ALL-Ways"
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