Gifts for People in Need - 30 Jewelry items offered

Bringing Hope, Courage, and Light into your Life

The purpose of the Gift for People in Need Project is to help people who feel desperate and in great need of hope and courage to overcome life's hurdles. We started this project back in 2013 and it has now become a yearly tradition. We offer 30 items from the selected options at the bottom of this page. We will accept entries until December 25th, 2022.

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David’s Jewelry is meticulously crafted to act on the conscious as well as the sub-conscious level of the wearer, thus healing and inspiring people. They are made to impact the lives of the wearer in a positive way and help them view the world from a brighter perspective, thus improving the quality of the wearer's life.

Project is now closed for new submissions.

A message will be sent to the chosen people.

30 Jewelry Items Offered as Gifts

Each year we receive many touching requests from people all around the world. We carefully pick 30 of them, hoping that we can touch their lives with our small but meaningful gift. The responses from people receiving the gifts were very special. Many told us that the jewel we sent helped them to focus on the good in their life and find a brighter path.

Available for Selection:

Harmony and Healing
Flower of Life
Untying Karmic Issues
Gordian Knot pendant
Finding Courage
Ring of Courage
Healing and Protection
Nautilus silver Pendant
Mobius Ring silver

Testimonials from Past Gift Receivers

A few years ago, you asked people to write in about someone who would love to have a piece of your jewelry, but could not afford it.
I wrote in about a life long friend who had a difficult life, yet found time to help me, 10 years her junior, find my destiny. She helped me so very much.
When her breast cancer returned, I sent my letter and behold! won. I got her the Courage ring. She never took it off, except to pass it on to a young mother battling cancer.
Yesterday, my friend, Sandra Saran, began her journey to God. A fall resulted in a slow brain bleed that they cannot treat. She is unconscious in the hospital surrounded by her family.
I just want you to know that your ring meant so much to her and is now giving courage to someone else.
You never know what blessings your work will give people.
Thank you so much!!


I can say I have worn it many times and people always ask me about it. I also have a metal decor version on my wall.

I am more at emotional and financial peace in this past year then I have ever been, even though life hasn’t been much easier. I make a conscious effort to relate to others and to rest and relax more and the symbol reminds of world life connections. It is the only gift I ever received from someone other than a family or friend for a birthday or something, so it holds a special place in my heart. My husband has now been on hospice care for 4 years, which is amazing to the doctors, so we have been blessed.

Again, thank you for your gift.
It will always remain a wonderful surprise from someone who didn’t know me.


Your wonderful gift arrived at a time when I felt at a very low ebb. I wore the ring continuously for several months. Slowly but surely, my confidence increased and I found myself writing again with renewed vigor. I have also started a new project - a film script which is going well. I will never be able to thank you enough. A stranger's gift, made with love, gave me my life back. You are truly blessed. With heartfelt thanks

Hi guys, thank you so, so much for my gift! The necklace just arrived now & I cannot tell you how grateful & honored I am to have a piece of your sacred jewelry with me. To have something that had been made specifically to align with spiritual truth & love just overwhelms me. I will hold this beautiful necklace close to my heart & being made in Israel holds extra specialness too. Much love from me to you all. 🙏🏽💕🌟 Love

Thank you, with my sincere appreciation to David and everyone in the Ka Gold Jewelry shop. I must leave for a therapy appointment right now, but I wish to thank you all of you from my heart. No words can describe the feeling of wonder I experience ongoing... of being gifted such a healing treasure of art and love. Deepest gratitude and joy,

Indeed I have found the ring of courage to be life-changing.
Let me tell you an experience I had shortly after receiving the ring. At the time I was facing perhaps the biggest challenge of my life and every moment was a battle against fear. I received the ring and began wearing it, being constantly reminded that courage was inside me. One day not long after receiving it I had been doing some gardening and late in the evening, I noticed the ring was gone. My world utterly collapsed at that moment. I went out in the dark and started sitting through mountains of potting soil determined to find what I had lost. I could not allow myself to think that it was gone as I had just started getting my courage back. After hours of searching and finding nothing, I came inside defeated. To my surprise, I discovered the ring in the utility sink inside a glove I had worn only briefly. It was another reminder that as the ring inside the glove, courage is inside me always, regardless.

I have since gotten a tiny ring a size smaller to wear alongside it to keep it from falling off and it has never left my finger since. I get many questions and compliments about it and I am always happy to share with others that if they will search inside themselves they will indeed find their courage also. There is no longer fear inside me. I am forever grateful for the gift you gave me and I love sharing it with others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This small token changed my life.


About the Designs
We have carefully chosen five optional designs for people to choose from. Those designs are meant to bring hope courage and harmony to the wearer’s life. Each has specific intentions so please read before you select.

Flower of Life Pendant - Harmony and Healing
The flower of life shape contains a secret shape known as the fruit of life. It consists of 13 spheres that hold many mathematical and geometrical laws. These laws represent the whole universe. The Flower of Life is a powerful symbol of unity and can bring the wearer Harmony and Healing.

of Life

The Ring of Courage
The ring of courage is intended to give the wearer the understanding that fear is one of the greatest causes of one's suffering. It cleanses your thoughts, causing them to vanish.

Ring of

Gordian Knot Medium - Untying Karmic Issues
Also known as a Torus Knot and it's the most basic knot which can be made on the Torus Tube. The Torus Tube is basically a structure of a donut or a sphere that turns into itself from one side and comes out the other in perpetual motion. In a spiritual aspect, it symbolizes the cosmos, as well as infinity. Over the years I received many responses, stories, and experiences from people who purchased this pendant. Many stories revolved around solving karmic problems, finding miraculous solutions, and even a few people reported that after they were free from whatever it was that held them back, the pendant disappeared, literally - they woke up in the morning and the string or chain were intact but the pendant was gone.

Knot Medium

Nautilus Pendant - Cosmic Harmony
The nautilus shell is made to symbolize the inner beauty of nature.The Nautilus shell is one of the known shapes that represent the golden mean number. The golden mean number is also known as PHI - 1.6180339... The PHI is a number without an arithmetic solution, the digit simply continues for an eternity without repeating itself. The uniqueness of the golden mean is that it can be found in all living forms such as the human skeleton or the shell of a Sunflower. Plato called this value - "The key to the physics of the universe".

Merkaba Prana Sphere

Mobius Ring - Unity and Oneness
The ring with only one side - a symbol of unity and oneness. One of my favorite symbols because it is so simple and yet so powerful. It represents a key to the endless cosmic process of cause and effect. It represents karma - the implications of everything you do in the world and vice versa. It's also a symbol of unity and it acts as a constant reminder to look at everything outside the delusional dualistic concept of good and bad, us and them, and the "I" "ME" "MINE".

Mobius Ring

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