Abundance (SHEFA) Pendant and Ring

A Sacred Symbol for Creating Abundance

The Shefa symbol was received in a direct transmission from Archangel Metatron by Dvora Pearlman. It was received as a teacher and a tool to learn, to use and to connect with the great divine. Shefa is a word in Hebrew that literally means Abundance. This word, in its highest and most profound, means a tool for creating abundance.

Abundance Pendant Gold

Price: $722 USD

Abundance Pendant Silver

Price: $111 USD

Abundance Ring Gold

Price: $1,013 USD

Abundance Ring Silver

Price: $118 USD

Five Metals Rings

Find success and abundance wherever life takes you

The design of the five metals ring (5 metals ring) is based on an ancient kabbalistic formula for protection and success found in the Sefer Refuah ve Hayim (The Health and Life Book). The ring is made only once a month on the first Saturday night of the Hebrew calendar month. On rare occasions, on the 2nd Saturday night of the Hebrew calendar month.

Jupiter Spica Talismans

Powerful alignment between two of the most fortunate celestial bodies

The front of the talisman bears the image of the ancient goddess Sala giving the wheat to humans. this depiction comes from an ancient cylinder seal. While the outer frame bears the magical ancient alphabet of Jupiter.

Sri Yantra

Hindu Vedic Symbol for harmony between the masculine and feminine

The Sri Yantra is a complex geometrical symbol used in Hindu Tantra that represents the cosmos and the human body. It is often associated with abundance in both the material and spiritual sense. The symbol is believed to embody the energy of the universe, which includes the potential for abundance in all aspects of life.

Sri Yantra Silver

Price: $126 USD

Sri Yantra Gold

Price: $951 USD

Ben Porat Talisman

A Replica of a Genuine Antique Kabbalah Talisman with Ben Porat Yosef and ana bekoach Blessings

Before Jacob passed away, he bestowed his blessing upon Joseph - it’s an ancient blessing for abundance, fertility, protection and strength. The BEN PORAT blessing is also considered a powerful protection against Evil Eye since Joseph was protected and blessed against the people’s envy. At the center of the blessing were the four letters of the Tetragrammaton; One of the names of God (which is, by the way, a depiction of existence, time and space).

Ben Porat Talisman Gold

Price: $2,569 USD

Spica Talisman

Powerful fixed star Talisman - for Unbounded good fortune, happiness and protection.

The Star Spica is probably one of the most famous fixed stars known for its abundant beneficial and protective powers. This star is also called Alpha Virginis, as it is the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo the Maiden.

Cat's Eye Abundance Ring

A Shining Symbol of Abundance

The Cat's eye stone, known as Chrysoberyl, contains fibres of the mineral mica. When you point a light source at the stone, a strip of light appears in the center resembling a cat's eye. The inscription on the ring is taken from a Jewish prayer and it says: "Opens thy hand and satisfies all that is alive" (POTE'ACH ET YADCHA U-MASBI'A LEKOL CHAI RATZON).

Horn of Venus Silver Talisman

Based on the famous HORN OF PLENTY, a symbol of good fortune, Love and abundance.

The design of the Talisman comes from the famous 16th century Magus John Dee, who was a Philosopher, Astrologer, Alchemist and an adviser to Queen Elizabeth I. This is a Talisman for all the Venusian gifts in Taurus, the gift of plenty and abundance, the gift of sensuality and attraction, the gifts of beauty and pleasure and a general feeling of well being.

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