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  1. 10% discount coupon for mother's day 2010
  2. A new suggested feature for our website – What do you think about it?
  3. The Gordian knot's mysterious disappearing

10% Discount Coupon for Mother's Day 2010

Valid until 30/4/2010

Mother's day 2010 is coming in few weeks (May 9th). We are happy to offer  you a 10% discount coupon  which will be valid until 30/4/2010. Enjoy it!
Coupon code: 7368XRX78

To use the coupon click the "I have a coupon" link on the shopping cart page. Enter the coupon and click "apply".

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Would you like this feature in our website?

Suggested feature - Save shopping cart
"Save Shopping cart" will allow you to insert your email and receive a special link. Clicking on the link will take you to the shopping cart and upload your last shopping cart details. You will only need to save the cart once (not after every change). You will be able to add products from one computer save and continue on another computer.

How the Gordian knot got my kid a special recording of her favorite TV star

The Gordian knot is a real mystery to me. Some of you may remember me writing in the past about it. More than 5 people reported that they lost the pendant during the night but the string was intact and well attached. Well it happened again.

My 3 years old daughter is crazy about a TV show called "Yuval Hamebulbal"-("Confused Yuval"). It is a one man performance show for kids. Just next to our studio there is a custom warehouse where actors come to take stuff they need. The lady that worked there promised me the next time he comes she will call me so I can take a picture with him for my youngest and so we did. After that I gave him a gift- the Gordian knot because he reported having some problems at that time.

Three weeks later he came to the workshop again. He excitingly reported that the pendant worked amazingly and all things settled great. But then he added that the pendant disappeared mysteriously while the string was left intact… He wanted to buy one more but instead I filmed him doing special funny stuff for my daughter.
She was in total shock when she saw it!

Gordian Knot Small
Gordian Knot Medium Gordian knot big
Gordian Knot Small
Gordian Knot Medium
Gordian knot big

10% coupon code: 7368XRX78 valid until 30/4/2010

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