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Neptune in Pisces and 14% Discount for Spring and Mother’s Day

In this newsletter we cover the new Talisman - Neptune in Pisces, a new version of the victory ring and a 14% discount coupon. We hope you enjoy it, along with the wonderful spring that came this year...
David Weitzman

Mother’s Day and Spring Holidays 14% Discount Coupon

77243HWX - Valid until 5/5/2011

People around the world are celebrating spring holidays. Also coming soon is Mother’s day, a chance to show your love to the one who gave you life. We have prepared a 14% discount coupon to use on the website. To use the coupon:
  1. Add products to cart.
  2. In the cart click “I have a coupon code”
  3. Insert the coupon code and click apply
  4. Complete your order.

Neptune in Pisces Pendant

Neptune enters Pisces as it did 165 years ago, just a year after it was found. Neptune is said to inspire the romantic period, as well as artistic movements in the visual arts, music, and literature. Neptune emphasizes the abstract, intangible and emotional side of human beings.
Neptune in Pisces

This talisman brings spiritual awareness, a sense of selflessness, higher sensitivity and compassion. It also contributes to intuition, dreams, visions and imagination.
The pendant is very good for strengthening the above qualities for those that already possess them and it invokes them for those that don't, (mainly left brained people that are slave to their linear logic.)

The Inlaid Victory Ring

A few months ago David made the Victory ring. We received several requests for another related inlaid design. So David made it, and here it is. This ring was made as a symbol of inspiration so that one can find the power and will to achieve any goal. The Laurel wreath around the ring is the ancient symbol of victory which was awarded to the winners in the ancient Olympics.

The engraving around the stone says "Dare to be great!"
It was sent to me by Mr Andrew Kay who won a contest I've arranged among my friends and fans on Facebook. It's a powerful reminder that simply states that we have the ability, the knowledge and the capabilities to achieve our goals.

A few Announcements:

  • We donated $1700 from the support japan campaign. Thank you!
  • Congratulation Franziska from Germany for winning April customer club giveaway (Merkaba medium 14k gold).
  • We added “Facebook Like” buttons to the website
  • We added a News Box on the home page - under the products images
  • Pisces pendant is now available again (was sold out from 2010)
  • Aries pendant will be made 14/4/2011 between 6:17-6:34

Visit our New Designs Page or go to Mother’s Day Related Jewelry page

Thank you
Have a wonderful spring
With Love
David Weitzman and the Ka gold jewelry team.

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