April  2012 Newsletter

New Motherhood and Children Pendants and 12% Discount Coupon for Mother’s day

As the Mother’s Day approaches, I was searching for a powerful motherhood symbol. The inspiration came from a children’s book named: “When I First Held You: A Lullaby from Israel “Written by Mirik Snir with magnificent illustrations by Eleyor Snir (wife of Yaron Shaool, with whom many of you correspond while placing orders on the website).

When i first held you: A Lullaby from israel
When I First Held You: A Lullaby from Israel
(Available at Amazon)

Mother’s Day Special - 12% Discount Coupon - MOTHER2012
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Lioness Motherhood pendant
For me the lioness has always been the ultimate symbol for motherhood. The devoted mother protecting her children, teaching and guiding them with infinite support and wisdom. A symbol of strength and power-- thus came the new Jewel:

Lioness Motherhood pendant

At the top right there is a lioness figure representing wisdom and compassion, at the top left there is a second lioness figure - symbolizing strength and power. At the center of the pendant there is the Tri Spiral, the ancient symbol of motherhood. Some claim that the  the Triple Spiral may represent the nine month period of human pregnancy, since the Sun takes a fourth of a year (three month) to go from the equinox to extreme north or south (the solstice). During each of these three-month periods,the Sun appears to form a quasi-helical shape, which can be described as  a spiral, so that three spirals could represent nine months of pregnancy. The Tri Spiral also known to represent the triple Goddess which stands for the three periods in woman’s life -the maiden, the woman and the old and wise.

Lion Cubs Pendant
In addition to the Lioness motherhood pendant I have created the Lion cubs which can be worn as a pendant. The Lion cubs represent the children of the mother while on the front side of each of these Lion cub pendants I will engrave the child's name.

Lion Cub Pendant Lion Cub Pendant
Lion Cub pendant Silver Lion Cub pendant gold

Here is an example of two cubs hanging on a chain:
Example for Lion Cubs used

More Motherhood Jewelry

Motherhood Famulet Pendant
Designed by Nona-Lila Megged & Iris Yotvat as a sacred symbol of Motherhood
The soft and ample femininity carries within her the sacred flower of new life, and her abundant breasts promise nurturance and protection always. The Universal Mother blesses the new mother with love, containment and full acceptance.

Motherhood Famulet Pendant Motherhood Famulet Pendant

Shechina Famulet
Special Feminine Amulets, pendants and talismans all expressing feminine qualities
The Famulets represent original symbols inspired by ancient Goddess’ cultures and created by the artist Nona-Lila Megged. Each Famulet is charged with positive feminine energy, contributing to your empowerment, creativity, healing, balance and oneness.

Shechina Famulet Shechina Famulet

The Labyrinth - Tapuat
Hopi symbol for mother earth
The Labyrinth is identical to the Hopi symbol of mother earth. Also viewed as the symbol for mother and her child. The lines represent stages of life, umbilical cord, and the path of moving-- always within the watchfulness of the mother. The center symbolizes - the center of life - the beginning.

The Labyrinth - Tapuat The Labyrinth - Tapuat

Hunab Ku pendant
Mayan symbol for the Mother Womb"
Hunab Ku is the "Mother Womb" which is constantly giving birth to new stars and it had given birth to our own Sun and Planet Earth. The Hunab Ku pendant represents the symbol of the Creator God in the Mayan culture. The meaning of the name Hunab Ku is “The Only God”.

Hunab Ku pendant Hunab Ku pendant

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With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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