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Queen Alexandra Ancient Earrings and Mother's Day Specials 

On the 12th of May 2013, all around the world, Mother’s day will be noted. This is a wonderful opportunity to thank our mothers and to remember all those countless hours they spent for us changing diapers, losing hours of sleep, worrying infinitely that we would eat enough, journeying through the childhood diseases, providing infinite number of hugs, warmth and love, stories before bed, worrying for our education and our future and countless other tasks. Some of them extremely exhausting, that we don’t always remember or appreciate.

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Precisely for this reason, I decided to create for my mother a pair of earrings as a gift. The earrings are an exact copy of earrings that were discovered in Archaeological excavations in the city of David in Jerusalem in the year 2008. The earrings that were discovered were gold earrings inlaid with emeralds and pearls. This design was customary with aristocratic families at the time of the Roman Empire between the first century BC up until the fourth century AD.

Queen Alexandra Shlomzion earrings Gold     Queen Alexandra Shlomzion earrings Silver
Queen Alexandra Shlomzion
earrings Gold
Queen Alexandra Shlomzion
earrings Silver

Gold jewelry inlaid with precious stones and pearls were in use  throughout the Roman Empire from the roman  provinces in the east up to Britain. One of the detailed and most impressive sources of information that remains in our hands from this period are the Fayum Portraits from Egypt. These drawings that adorned the tombs of the mummies in Fayum, exhibit an entire gallery of images of the deceased wearing their best clothes and adorning expensive jewelry. It’s interesting that the images of the women from Fayum are seen adorning gold earrings and necklaces inlaid mainly with pearls and emerald, that remind us wonderfully of the earrings from the city of David, and it was recognized that they were made in the same technique.

Despite the fact that I already encountered a copy of these earrings, I decided to create my own version seeing as the previous copies included modern techniques that destroy the look and the uniqueness of the earrings.  I called the earrings, Queen Alexandra Shlomzion earrings after the last queen of the free kingdom Of Judea, Shlomzion (Salome) Alexandra who ruled in the first century BC. The earrings are offered to everyone as an original gift to our very own queen - our Mother.

Lioness Motherhood Pendant
Ultimate motherhood symbol with Tri Spiral (triskele) and Lioness

At the top right there is one lioness figure that represents wisdom and compassion and the top left there is a second lioness figure - symbol of strength and power. At the center of the pendant there is the Tri Spiral, an ancient symbol of motherhood. Lioness Motherhood Pendant Silver
Lioness Motherhood Pendant Silver
Lioness Motherhood Pendant Gold
Lioness Motherhood Pendant Gold

Lion Cub for Mother's Pendant
Lion Cubs as a symbol for your children and your role in their lives.

Lion Cubs for Mother’s Pendant Silver
Lion Cubs for Mother’s Pendant Silver
Lion Cubs for Mother’s Pendant Gold
Lion Cubs for Mother’s Pendant Gold
In addition to the Lioness motherhood pendant I have created the Lion Cubs which can be also worn as a pendant. The Lion Cubs represent the boys and girls of the mother (or father) while on the front-side of each cub pendant I will engrave the child’s name. 

Motherhood Famulet Pendant
Designed by Nona-Lila Megged & Iris Yotvat as a sacred symbol of Motherhood

The soft and ample femininity carries within her the sacred flower of new life, and her abundant breasts promise nurturance and protection always. The Universal Mother blesses the new mother with love, containment and full acceptance. 
Motherhood Famulet Pendant Silver
Motherhood Famulet Pendant Silver
Motherhood Famulet Pendant Gold
Motherhood Famulet Pendant Gold

Shechina Famulet
Special Feminine Amulets, pendants and talismans, expressing feminine qualities

Shechina Famulet Silver
Shechina Famulet Silver
Shechina Famulet Gold
Shechina Famulet Gold
The Famulets represent original symbols inspired by ancient Goddess cultures and created by the artist Nona-Lila Megged. Each Famulet is charged with positive feminine energy, contributing to your empowerment, creativity, healing, balance and oneness. 

The Labyrinth - Tapuat
Hopi symbol for mother earth

The Labyrinth is identical to the Hopi symbol of mother earth. Also viewed as the symbol for mother and her child. The lines represent stages of life, umbilical cord, and the path of moving - always within the watchfulness of the Mother. The center symbolizes - the center of life - the beginning.
Labyrinth pendant silver
Labyrinth pendant silver
Labyrinth pendant gold
Labyrinth pendant gold

Hunab Ku pendant
Mayan symbol for the Mother Womb"

Hunab Ku pendant silver
Hunab Ku pendant silver
Hunab Ku pendant gold
Hunab Ku pendant gold
Hunab Ku is the "Mother Womb" which is constantly giving birth to new stars and it gave birth to our own Sun and Planet Earth. The Hunab Ku pendant represents the symbol of the Creator God in the Mayan culture. The meaning of the name Hunab Ku is “The Only G

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Thank you for reading
Happy Mother's Day
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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