April 2017 Newsletter

Mother’s Day 2017 Special and Inspiring Buddhist Text

In this newsletter we like to celebrate motherhood with a some inspiring Buddhist text from a scripture called The Filial Piety Sutra and with our special 15% off on selected designs.

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Mother's day Jewelry
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Bones of Dead Men vs Bones of Dead Woman
Ananda said to the Buddha, "World Honoured One, when men are alive in the world, they adorn their bodies with robes, belts, shoes, hats and other fine attire, so that they clearly assume a male appearance. When women are alive, they put on cosmetics, perfumes, powders, and elegant fragrances to adorn their bodies, so that they clearly assume a female appearance. Yet, once man and women die, all that is left are their bones. How does one tell them apart? Please teach us how you are able to distinguish them."

The Buddha answered Ananda, "If when men are in the world, they enter temples, listen to explanations of Sutras and Vinaya texts, make obeisance to the Triple Gem, and recite the Buddha's names, then when they die, their bones will be heavy and white in colour. Most women in the world are saturated with emotion. They give birth to and raise children, feeling that this is their duty. Each child relies on its mother's milk for life and nourishment, and that milk is a transformation of the mother's blood. Each child can drink up to one thousand two hundred gallons of its mother's milk. Because of this drain on the mother's body whereby the child takes milk for its nourishment, the mother becomes worn and haggard and so her bones turn black in colour and are light in weight."

When Ananda heard these words, he felt a pain in his heart as if he had been stabbed and wept silently. He said to the World Honoured One, "How can one repay one's mother's kindness and virtue?"
(“The Filial Piety Sutra” Buddhist Scriptures)

Mother's Day Jewelry
Mother's day Jewelry
15% Discount Until May 14th 2017

Mother’s Ten Types of Kindnesses
There are ten types of kindnesses bestowed by the mother on the child:
The first is the kindness of providing protection and care while the child is in the womb.
The second is the kindness of bearing suffering during the birth.
The third is the kindness of forgetting all the pain once the child has been born.
The fourth is the kindness of eating the bitter herself and saving the sweet for the child.
The fifth is the kindness of moving the child to a dry place and lying in the wet herself.
The sixth is the kindness of suckling the child at her breast, nourishing and bringing up the child.
The seventh is the kindness of washing away the unclean.
The eight is the kindness of always thinking of the child when it has traveled far.
The ninth is the kindness of deep care and devotion.
The tenth is the kindness of ultimate pity and sympathy.
(“The Filial Piety Sutra” Buddhist Scriptures)

Mother's Day Jewelry
Mother's day Jewelry
15% Discount Until May 14th 2017

Thank you for reading
With Great Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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