With the world in big turmoil, we find it comforting to resort to the peacefulness that comes with the creation of beautiful and meaningful artwork. In this newsletter, we like to share with you the new editions for Venus Talismans.

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Powerful New Venus Talismans

Venus Talismans New
14% Discount Until April 14th 2020

On the 28th of March, we had a very powerful planetary configuration in the night sky. There were 5 planets in ‘essential dignity' at the same time (Sun, Moon & Mars in Exaltation, Saturn & Venus in their own Signs). Most notably was the remarkable conjunction of the waxing crescent Moon with Venus as an evening star, as bright as she can get near her maximum elongation.

The Conjunction took place in the sign of Taurus, Venus’s heavenly abode. The Moon is said to be Exalted in Taurus and is received by Venus into her home as an honored guest. The two conjoined together strongly magnify each other’s gifts and significations.

Venus is the principle of pleasure, erotic sensuality, harmony, beauty and aesthetics, artistic inclinations, physical and emotional attraction and the unifying power of love. In Taurus, she also strengthens and tonifies the bodily senses, expands and invigorates the heart, and the connection to one’s body.

Together with the Moon, Its placement In Taurus also increases the principle of abundance and wealth, fullness and satisfaction. The Moon there also provides emotional stability, nourishment, support, and sensitivity to the needs of the body. Its location in the Taurus produces relaxation and pleasantness, lowers stress and is considered helpful for good sleep.

 “In all works of magic for love, friendship and alliance, we ought to see that the Moon conjoins Venus in Taurus; if you attend closely to the preceding, you will obtain your intention in a marvelous way and fulfill what you wish.
~ The Picatrix

The Limited Editions of Pentalpha Ring, Horn of Venus and Venus in Taurus (canister)
Were all assembled on the 28th of March 2020 between 7:33 - 8:10 GMT+3 (Givatayim, Israel)
during the time when Venus in Taurus was rising in the east.

Pentalpha Ring
A powerful Talisman is based on a very ancient model originating from Crotona Italy circa 525 BCE. The Talisman was made for strengthening one's health and for powerful protection. This magical ring is set with a diamond which is one of the most sacred and precious stones of Venus, according to ancient tradition. The design is depicting the pentalpha or five-pointed star formed by five different positions of the Greek Alpha. This Star or Pentagram is also the geometrical figure drawn in the sky (in relation to the earth) by the cycle of Venus and is considered an emblem of beauty, harmony and sacred proportion by the Pythagoreans. On the side of the ring are the letters of the word YGEIA (ΥΓΕΙΑ) (Greek for "health" root of the word Hygiene) are inside the pentagram, and the letters of the Latin translation SALUS are outside.

Venus Penthalpha
14% Discount Until April 14th 2020

Horn of Venus
The Horn is, of course, the famous “horn of plenty” which is the symbol of good fortune and abundance. It's the horn of a bull which is one of the sacred animals ruled by Venus (as is the sign Taurus). The sigils are of the different spirits and intelligence (or spiritual powers) connected with Venus’s cosmic archetype. The design is taken from the 16th century text the “Little Book of Black Venus” written by the famous mage Jhon Dee.

Horn of Venus
14% Discount Until April 14th 2020

Venus in Taurus
The Venus in Taurus Canister Talisman contains corresponding Venusian elements from the three kingdoms of nature: Metal - a piece of copper. Stone/gem - carnelian and malachite. Herb - rose petals. The Talisman is also set with a diamond, which is considered the primary stone of Venus according to the Indian astral magic tradition. The Talisman is decorated with the magical sigils of Venus, plus the “Flower of Venus” - the five petal patterns (set with the diamond) which is the cyclic pattern of Venus relative to the Earth.

Venus in Taurus
14% Discount Until April 14th 2020

The Limited Editions of Venus Seashell,and The Pattern of Venus were assembled on the 28th of March 2020 between 13:46 - 15:00 GMT+3 (Givatayim, Israel), during the time when the Moon-Venus conjunction was culminating at the Midheaven.

Venus Seashell

The symbols decorated in the upper part of the Talisman are the astrological symbols of Taurus (beneath the bail) and Venus (in the middle), while the seashell below is one of the ancient symbols associated with Venus, which was mythologically born from the sea. There are also two pearls on both sides, which are traditionally ruled by the Moon and Venus

Venus Seashell
14% Discount Until April 14th 2020

The Pattern of Venus

The cycle of Venus reflects the shape of the spiraling five-pointed flower Venus makes in her orbits with the Earth and the Sun (every 8 years). This cosmic geometrical figure holds the vibration of the Venus-Earth connection and captures the essence and power of Venus. The pendant is created with the desire to bring love, beauty, intimacy, pleasure, sensuality, creativity and harmony to our daily lives.

The Pattern of Venus
14% Discount Until April 14th 2020

Thank you for reading
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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