In this newsletter, we like to share with you new editions of some of our most beloved Talismans. In this collection, we have the sold-out  Planetary Exaltation and  7 Metals (pendant and ring) Talismans, as well as the long-awaited Alchemical Wedding and the 7 become one.
Below you can also find a link to our Mother’s day special.

Talismans New Edition
15% Discount Until April 28th 2020

These new editions were created under the very powerful planetary configuration that took place on March 28th - which featured 5 planets in their ‘essential dignities' at the same time: The spring Sun was Exalted in Aries. Mars, the ruler of Aries, was Exalted in Capricorn (close to its exaltation degree). Saturn had just entered its own sign of Aquarius (its preferred sign according to the Tradition). Venus was in her own sign of Taurus, closely conjoined by the Moon which has its Exaltation there (to which we had dedicated a number of Talismans for Venus)
The Talismans created are universal compound Talismans, each in its own way, is designed to capture a variety of planetary essences in different holistic patterns, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. We have made these Talismans when the Exalted Sun was rising and when it was culminating, capturing the whole sky through the vantage point of the powerful spring Sun, sitting at the throne of increasing power and vitality, radiating its light to the other planetary bodies.

Planetary Exaltation
Limited Edition was assembled on March 28th 2020 between 5:17 - 05:50 GMT+3.
This Talisman exhibits an Ideal cosmic state by which all planets are in their ‘Exaltations’ Signs (something which is never fully possible in reality). This reflects a paradigmatic combination based on the ‘Thema Mundi’ (the chart of the world/creation) at which each planet, representing a pure expression of a fundamental principle, is in its most ‘heightened’ position of exaltation, or in other words, is in a placement in which its essential powers and qualities are very strongly expressed and easily accessible. This Talisman reflects a very powerful state, at which all these essences are expressed together in equilibrium, invoking not only each unique planetary virtue but also their natural interaction and potential ability to work together and balance one another as an integrated whole. The Talisman expresses this planetary configuration using the corresponding planetary metals and glyphs.

Planetary Exaltation
15% Discount Until April 28th 2020

Planet - Metal correspondence
In ancient times, astrology used only the seven visible planets – The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Each Planet has its corresponding elements in all the natural kingdoms (human, animal, vegetable, mineral, metal etc.). The association of planets with metals is one of the oldest and to a certain extent also the purest (less mixed) material manifestation of planetary energy and was very fundamental in the Alchemical tradition.
The ancients believed that the metals are a product of a long consolidation of the planetary rays within the bosom of the earth.

These are the correspondences:
Sun (Leo) = Gold
Moon (Cancer) = Silver
Mercury (Gemini + Virgo) = Mercury/Quicksilver (replaced by Electrum)
Venus (Taurus + Libra) = Copper
Mars (Aries + Scorpio) = Iron
Jupiter (Sagittarius + Pisces) = Tin
Saturn (Capricorn + Aquarius) = Lead (replaced by Zinc)

7 Metals Talismans
Limited Edition was assembled on March 28th 2020 between 5:17 - 05:50 GMT+3.
The Talisman pendant and ring are designed with the pattern of the Chaldean Heptagram (seven-pointed star), which is also the basis of the attribution of planets to the days of the week.
Inside are placed the seven planetary metals (mercury's metal is replaced by electrum).

7 Metals Talismans
15% Discount Until April 28th 2020

This Talisman unites and inter-connects the planetary energies through their glyphs and metals and mimics their cosmic flow and transmutation. This Talisman calls for disentanglement and productive movement of creative energies in one's life, bringing harmony and very strong protection, giving access to great power and unity in one's soul and active engagement in the world. In evoking a strong connection with these cosmic powers the Talisman brings coherence and healing to its bearer, supporting personal development and growth.

Alchemical Wedding
Limited Edition was assembled on March 28th 2020 between 11:15 - :12:10 GMT+3.
This Talisman combines the metals ruled by the two lights: Gold - Sun, Silver - Moon. It includes their ancient astrological glyphs and is created under specific astrological times to draw out, intensify, reinforce and bring to life those symbols. The Lights are “wedded” by Mercury the androgynous universal spirit that is in charge of mediating these polarities (symbolized by his Astrological glyph together with the symbol of the caduceus).

This event is such a time, It features both lights in their exalted positions. Strongly Highlighting both sides of our soul and human experience. Offering the opportunity to balance these opposites of our nature and 'alchemize' them together.

Alchemical Wedding
15% Discount Until April 28th 2020

7 become one Talisman

Limited Edition was assembled on March 28th 2020 between 11:15 - :12:10 GMT+3.
This special Talisman Is based on this famous alchemical axiom which states that the great work is finished only when the seven active principles, as are reflected by the seven visible planets, are returned to the one, which is analogous to the Sun itself.

On the outer circle of the Talisman, we see all the planetary glyphs individually and inside the inner circle, they are all superimposed on one another, making an intricate and complex synergetic symbol of their combined forces.

7 become one Talisman
15% Discount Until April 28th 2020

Mother’s Day Special

On the 10th of May, many people around the world will celebrate mother’s day. Like in recent years we like to offer you a collection of related designs as gifts for mothers. We are starting the sale quite early with the hope that we can manage to get it to you on time. Please be aware that with everything that is going on, we cannot guarantee it will be on time and you might need to give the gift a little after the actual mother’s day date.

Mother's Day Jewelry
14% Discount Until May 10h 2020

Thank you for reading
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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