I'm happy to announce a new limited edition of the Venus Exaltation talismans with two new designs. The celebration of beauty and harmony took place on March 24th, and I've noticed how this presence emerged on my rooftop with endless flower buds (I took this photo today, more than a month later).

David's Rooftop

Most of these plants were collected as seeds a few years ago from my kid's kindergarten). Other plants and fruit trees were half dead and thrown away, so I took them to my own nursery. I believe that the ability to see beauty or visualize harmony is a key element in our life's journey.

Venus Exaltation Talismans
15% Discount Until May 14th 2023

Assembled on March 24th, 2023, between 14:26 - 15:23 GMT+3 Givataim Israel.

The elected time for this Talisman features the highly dignified Venus in her own sign of Taurus, in conjunction with the Exalted Moon in Taurus, while both are culminating on the Midheaven. Both Venus and the Moon share in essential dignity in Taurus, which is not only strengthening both their significations but also powerfully helping in drawing them down to earth - through the contact of the Moon “translating” and embodying the virtues of Venus to the sublunar sphere, while also in alignment with the earth’s Midheaven.
15% Discount Until May 14th 2023

Venus Exaltation Ring

The Venus Exaltation Talisman encompasses harmonious Venusian elements from the three kingdoms of nature: Metal - a piece of copper; Stones - turquoise; Herb - rose petals. The engravings on the back of the talisman pendant are the ancient magic seals of Venus. The engraving on both sides of the ring is the magical alphabet of Venus.

This combination is reported in the Picatrix, as well as in the book of Alexander and other magical texts, as an Ideal combination for a Venus Talisman:
“In all works of magic for love, friendship and alliance, we ought to see that the Moon conjoins Venus or that the Moon in Pisces forms an aspect with Venus in Taurus; if you attend closely to the preceding, you will obtain your intention in a marvellous way and fulfill what you wish.”
~ The Picatrix

15% Discount Until May 14th 2023

The Venus Exaltation Talisman amplifies and refines the senses, nurtures and revitalizes the heart, and deepens the connection to the body. It embodies the principles of pleasure, erotic sensuality, harmony, beauty, aesthetics, artistic inclinations, physical and emotional attraction, and the unifying power of love. This Talisman is excellent for reinforcing existing relationships and fostering new, enduring ones.

15% Discount Until May 14th 2023

Other Venus in Taurus New Editions
15% Discount Until May 14th 2023

Mother's Day 2023 Special

Mother’s Day Selected Designs
15% Discount Until May 14th 2023

Thank you for reading
Happy Spring Time
David and Ka-Gold Team

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