August 2013 Newsletter

Grand Sextile - Star of David/Hexagram in The Sky

On the 29th of July the previous Grand Trine of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, joins together with a second Grand Trine of Venus, Pluto and the Moon will form a perfect Star of David/hexagram! Since the Moon moves very fast, I had only a short time window between 19:15 -19:55 GMT to assemble a limited number of these talismans.

Limited Edition - Grand Sextile!
Assembled at 29th of July 2013 between 19:15-19:55 GMT. Inlaid with Emerald.

Grand Sextile Silver Grand Sextile Gold Grand Sextile Silver and Gold
Silver 925 Gold 14k Silver and Gold

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Valid until August 12th

Grand Sextile is actually two Grand Trines, one in Water and one in Earth (all feminine) which creates this configuration of a Star Tetrahedron. The idea/belief  is that this mystical configuration of Sacred Geometry opens a portal of energy that is accessible for those who choose to tune into it.

Both Earth and Water elements in astrology are considered “yin” in vibration and yet Water and Earth elements complement one another so that we can bring the subtle into tangible form.
Grand Sextile creates a Star Gateway through which the subtle inspirational energy is able to manifest  and to create  a fertile and fruitful experience in our day to day life. This configuration helps us to join together both our higher feelings and physical sensations in an effortless way.

Grand Sextile Talisman Silver and Gold
Grand Sextile Talisman Silver and Gold

With the Star of David Aspect, we have an opportunity to feel joy and bliss through our everyday life knowing each step we make in aligned with our soul is pushing us onto higher ground. The Star of David is a multidimensional Stargate, which helps us to bring Spirit into Matter and to balance Masculine and Feminine.

Grand Sextile Talisman Gold
Grand Sextile Talisman Gold

This Grand Sextile invites us to step through a portal, giving us a glimpse of another way of being where tenderness, harmony, gentleness, nurturance, love and beauty provide a healthy balance to ambition, power, aggression, lust and greed.

The energy of this Sextile should help us look at ourselves with compassion and forgiveness and help us move through and past our limitations and ruts. Sextiles are like open doors or gateways, showing us what opportunities lie beyond and what skills are available to us if we are to step through them.

Grand Sextile Talisman Silver
Grand Sextile Talisman Silver

Leo Talisman - 2013 Edition
The Leo pendant is a genuine "Leo talisman". The Talismans were assembled on the 24th of July between 5:51 and 6:40 which is the time of the greatest Sun influence on Leo.

It is a known astrological principle that we aspire to embody fully the energy of the Sun as the Sun is the generator of the life force, of great inner power. It is a way to tap into our most basic force of being. When we stand at the center of our 'life' (Sun) everything starts orbiting around us in clarity, all our planets (different life expressions) act in a harmonious way.

Leo Talisman
Leo Talisman

The talisman contains a piece of pure gold inside which is the metal that represents the Leo sign.

Thank you for reading
David and Ka-Gold Team

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