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The secret of king Solomon’s Ring, last opportunity for 2011 to recreate the Sun Talisman and a cure to the Mercury Retrograde

The topic of this current newsletter is the pursuit of Happiness. This is a subject that concerns all of us as human beings, especially in light of all the financial and social turmoil at this present time.

A few weeks ago I met a childhood friend that I hadn’t seen in years. Over the years he had become a business man who had experienced many great successes and failures. His personal story is a fascinating one.  At a very young age he discovered that in one day, his parents lost all their belongings, and he himself was also in debt. As a result, he was compelled to go out and get a job.  His belief carried him, and in a short time he was financially successful at a very young age, he had paid back his family debts and had established businesses around the world. The world financial crisis did not spare him and he was forced to close some of his businesses and start over.

When I met him, he asked me to create a ring for him connected to a story he told me that appears below.  I told him I already have a similar ring in my collection, but he was adamant that he wanted a new ring based on the story of King Solomon.  When I read the book of Ecclesiastes again which King Solomon had written in his old age, I understood exactly why.

King Solomon was a man who had everything, great power and wealth. Towards the end of his days, he also saw through the illusion, and realized that amassing wealth and power is not the source of happiness. He therefore turned to spiritual seeking. This same friend also understood this truth, and he too turned to the spiritual path in pursuit of happiness.

This too shall pass
This too shall pass
This too shall pass - gold

This too shall pass - silver

Here is the story and here is the ring:
This story is based on the legend of King Solomon, wisest of men. This tale appears in many different versions in many cultures all over the world, due to the fact that the principle that lies behind the ring is a principle that is relevant to all our lives as human beings.
King Solomon had an army commander named Benayahu Ben Yehoyada. It was during the Passover holiday, Solomon and the kingdom’s ministers convened for the holidays. At the time of the festive meal, King Solomon decided to sting his army commander Benayahu Ben Yehoyada, who was a conceited man.  “Benayahu”, Solomon addressed the army commander,” I am in need of a special ring, a ring that has special power. This is a ring that when looked upon turns a sad man happy, and a happy man sad. I know that only you of all people can find such a ring. I need such a ring by the eve of the feast of Tabernacles, the next holiday eve that begins in half a year’s time. This way, you will have enough time to locate the ring.” The army commander did not doubt his own ability for a moment, and responded that he will find the ring.

The time passed and Benayahu searched for the ring in every possible place, he sent agents, checked registries, consulted elders, and despite all these attempts he was not able to find even a clue as to the existence of such a ring. Finally, the eve of the feast of Tabernacles arrived and Benayahu found himself wandering through the markets of Jerusalem. The Sun was beginning to set and the peddlers were busy shutting down their stalls. In his despair, the minister approached an old goldsmith and told him about the ring he was searching for. The goldsmith listened and then took out a simple gold ring and engraved on it three letters and presented it to the army commander. Benayahu looked at the ring and immediately smiled; this was exactly the ring he was looking for.

The Holiday Eve arrived and Solomon’s people convened. Solomon turned to Benayahu smiling, and asked him if he had found the ring. To Solomon’s surprise, the army commander took out a ring and presented it to the king. The king looked at the ring, looked at the beauty and splendor that surrounded him, he then looked around at his ministers and his smile vanished. On the ring were engraved three letters in Hebrew , ג.ז.י, (translated into English, four) T.T.S.P, initials for “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”….

The tale tells us that the understanding that all is ephemeral, and the knowing that all our power, wealth and influence here are temporary. This realization brought King Solomon to write the book of Ecclesiastes that deals with philosophical questions regarding the meaning of life and the pursuit of happiness.

On the center of the ring appears the three letters ג.ז.י while on the length of the ring is engraved the following verse in Hebrew from Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 verse 9
Translated into English:
That which has been is that which will be, And that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the Sun.
This simple truth is beyond cultural or religious concepts. When a Buddhist monk read
Ecclesiastes that was written by King Solomon he stated that it was written by the Buddha...

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Leo Talisman - Only 3 Made
Zodiac jewelry series
The pendant was created on the 24th of July between 5:53 and 6:35. Inside the pendant there is a pure piece gold, which the metal that represents the sign of Leo.

Another last opportunity to recreate the sold out Sun talisman.
On July the 24th the Sun travelled in it’s own sign (Leo). During this time the Sun was at the
peak of it’s essential power.I was able to assemble 10 pieces between 05:53 - 06:35.
I apologize that I cannot create a larger number of Sun talismans.

The Sun talisman brings the fire and light into your life. It is a symbol of optimism, creativity and success. The Sun talisman sharpens the mind, removes melancholy and strengthens your life force.
Sun Talisman

During the past few days computers at my home and at the workshop broke down,
My car’s AC compressor started to show signs of wear, a new tent city rose near my home in Tel-Aviv as endless demonstrations are taking place in Israel and last but not least
the world’s financial market went mad.
Yes - it’s another Mercury retrograde...
We still have few talismans left from the last limited edition that was assembled during Mercury’s rising in the sign of it’s own exaltation so added them to this special sale.

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