August  2012 Newsletter

Two New Ancient Wisdom Rings and Renewed Sun and Saturn Talismans 

In this newsletter I will present another two wisdom rings made in collaboration with my brother Jonathan. One ring is about change - the true nature of all things, which is a known eastern concept but this time from the words of the ancient greek philosopher Heraclitus. The second ring is about determination and effortless action and inscribed with the sentence from the book of Tao - "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

I’m also glad to inform many of you who asked about the Sold Out Sun and Saturn talismans, that a new edition is available now.

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The Ring of Eternal Flow
The Ring of Eternal Flow Silver The Ring of Eternal Flow Gold
The Ring of Eternal
Flow Silver
The Ring of Eternal
Flow Gold

The eternal flow ring is based upon the ideas and concept of the philosopher Heraclitus - one of the ancient greek philosophers from the era before pre-socratic era. Heraclitus was one of the most important philosophers who based the idea of Logos - a vague term literally meaning- "word", "reason", or "account".

The principle of eternal change is displayed in his quote - “You cannot step into the same river twice for other waters are ever flowing onto you.” The quote is written on the outside of the ring.

The truth of eternal change, I think, is one of the biggest human tragedies as most humans are unable to experience the eternal change which leads to attachment and at the end bring suffering...

Thousand Miles Journey Ring

Thousand Miles Journey Ring Silver   Thousand Miles Journey Ring Gold
Thousand Miles Journey
Ring Silver
Thousand Miles Journey
Ring Gold

The thousand miles ring is another homage to my favorite life changing book and one of the best books ever written - the book of Tao, attributed to the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. The Taoism is a philosophy based upon the understanding of the laws of the universe - the Yin and Yang. The balancing powers, existence and nothingness, the female and male. Taoism explains the effortless way of action called - Wu Wei.

The sentence on the ring states that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.
This sentence emphasizes the fact that the seed contains the image of the tree. It is important to understand that the text does not encourage blind actions which may bring an unwanted outcome.

The meaning of this sentence is to promote effortless action (Wu Wei). Lao Tzu emphasizes the notion that, with willpower and determination our thoughts and actions eventually become one. Our life’s journey begins with a thought that leads us to an action, and like skilled musicians through years of experience, we combine them both into our own harmonious life.

The Sun Talisman - Limited Edition
Made during the Sun's travel in it's own sign (Leo).

This is the annual recreation of the sold out Sun talisman.
On July the 29th between 15:08-15:40, the Sun travelled in its own sign (Leo). During this time, the Sun was at the peak of its essential power. I was able to assemble a limited number of talismans and as always, I apologize that I cannot create a larger number. The talisman can be made only once a year. The circle in the center is made of gold 14k as a symbol of the sun.

Our next unique talisman is The Saturn Talisman.
Saturn Talisman - Limited Edition

On July the 29th between 11:40-12:30, I was able to recreate the Saturn talisman while Saturn was in an optimal position in accordance with his exalted state in libra. In this state, Saturn gives stamina, and inner discipline, it gives the power to achieve goals, in the most practical way, to build with foresight and grounded realism whatever you envision, making the vision a reality. It helps those who are lacking focus in their life, management, career etc...

Saturn Talisman - Limited Edition

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Happy and cool Summer
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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