August 2016 Newsletter

Embrace the Spirit of Adventure with These Unique Viking Jewelry Creations

A jewel or any piece of art that I create is not just an ornament but also an artifact that bears deep hidden meanings taken from different eras and different cultures. In a way, each piece is a journey that enables you to connect to an ancient past or experience to some degree a different reality, and embrace a certain theme or spirit. One of my favorite symbols for a journey was the Viking culture. Embarking on a journey in an ancient dragon ship to find new lands, a wonderful route of escapism during a dull day or a tiresome office meeting. That is why I've created these pieces over the years - to spark your imagination and encourage you to set a course and sail away to a new adventure...  I hope that these special creations will bring the spirit of adventure to your life.
Runes Collection
The meaning of the word “rune” is “secret” or “whisper”. In Nordic mythology, the runes were accorded great magical powers and their use was known only to an elite few. 

Runes Collection
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In ancient Nordic poems, the runes are seen as a means for healing, prediction and soothsaying and as a means of receiving information from the world beyond. The poems tell of Odin who wanted to get transcendental knowledge and who hung himself upside down from the “Tree of the World”, the “Yggdrasil”.  After nine days and nights the runes were revealed to him and he absorbed their powers.
The use of Runes, because of the magical and mystical powers attributed to them, has made them a popular symbol in jewelry.  Today, the ancient Scandinavian Elder Futhark is widely used as a means of prediction.
Runes Collection
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The idea behind the ring, the pendant or the bracelet, is that you choose the symbol that is closest to your needs and desires. This symbol is then incorporated into the jewelry. The symbol empowers those elements or strengths that you seek in life.
One of the things that brought me to create these pieces of jewelry is the strong bond with nature. The letters and symbols are directly related to the powers of nature that those ancient individuals lived by. 
The style which I used to design the jewelry reflects that same vision and perception from which the original symbols and traditions developed - precision and authenticity, so that each of you will feel that the jewelry was created by an ancient Nordic goldsmith.

Odin’s Knot
Odin’s knot pendant is the symbol of the god Odin which appears in the Nordic mythology. The pendant is composed of three triangles joined together. Odin’s knot is based upon a well known geometric symbol called Borromean rings – structure related to geometrical mathematical equations that encompass the whole creation.

Odin’s knot symbol represents the myth of the knowledge discovery by Odin. Odin was hanged from the world tree – “yggdrasil” for nine days and nine nights and after that received the knowledge of the nine worlds.

Odin's Knot
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Norse Amulet
The Vikings symbolize freedom and true social equality. There is a story of a messenger who was sent on behalf of a French prince to seek out the leader of the Vikings, in order to negotiate with him and talk him out of attacking Paris. The messenger came back unsuccessful and dejected, He reported that when he requested to talk with their leader, the vikings replied, "we are all leaders."

Norse Amulet
15% Discount Until August 15th

The Norse Amulet was made by david according to a design that was made  by Florence MAQUET as part of David’s jewelry design contest. Florence wrote about it the following description: “My drawing is a blend of older Norse motives, used in the Scandinavian culture. It's a blend of amulet, shield, and old brooch from Norway. I wish you will realize it as an unique piece of jewelry that you can spread further or propose beside the other Viking motive you already have in your display.”

The Viking Bracelet
This bracelet design is inspired by Viking culture. The Vikings pioneered trade, exploration and colonization of new lands for over 300 years before any other european power. Despite being pirates and adventurers, they were the first white people to arrive in America, long before Columbus. The meaning of the name Vikings in old Nordish is Pirates and indeed robbing was a way of life for them.

Viking Bracelet
15% Discount Until August 15th

Thank you for reading
May All Beings Be Happy
David and Ka-Gold Team

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