New Edition - Sirius Talismans

Sirius is rising again! New unique Sirius Talisman.
Every year we capture the first light of Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, into our Sirius Talismans. This is the annual rising of Sirius from the solar rays (heliacal rising), reappearing at dawn. This time we were fortunate to have a beautiful cosmic synchronicity, which makes this Sirius Talisman very unique!

Assembled and Consecrated on August 6th, 2021 at 3:40 AM and between 5:05-5:25 (GMT+3 Givataim Israel).

Around the time Sirius was making his first appearance, right when he was rising in the morning sky, the Moon was also transiting the zodiac degree of Sirius, which is in the middle of the sign Cancer (14º22’). Cancer is also ruled by the Moon, which not only renders the Moon powerful by being in its own sign but also gives powerful amplification to Sirius through its projected ecliptic/zodiac degree.  A conjunction of the Moon to a fixed star (zodiac degree) is the basis of most traditional fixed star talismans, ideally combined with its rising (Ascendant) or culminating (Midheaven). In more ancient times, astrologer-magicians also considered the different auspicious times in the yearly cycle of Fixed Stars with the Sun, especially their helical rising which is analogous to their birth and renewal. They also placed much emphasis on astronomical observations and were marking the “Parans” or the co-rising (and co-culminating) of stars with rising/culminating ecliptic degrees and other planets, this varies according to the latitude and location. *(for further explanation of the differences, see below).

In these unique talismans, you get both the time of the heliacal rising phase of Sirius, its actual morning appearance, and the Moon conjunct Sirius zodiac degree. The Talismans were made on August 6th early morning and before sunrise, under these two astrological times:
  1. When the Moon conjunct Sirius was rising, on the Ascendent degree (climaxing on 03:40 am).
  2. The time of the real rising and first appearance of Sirius (05:05 -05:25)

Sirius Talisman

On the Heliacal Rising of Sirius
This was one of the most celebrated and religiously important celestial events in ancient times. In Egypt, the reappearance of Sirius has ushered the new year, and with it the flooding of the Nile. Sirius was considered a life-giver and was affiliated with the goddess Isis.

Traditionally, Sirius is a star of immense creative powers, and a sign of magnanimity, excellence, success and abundance, devotion, and passion for achieving one's goals. It sometimes marks an almost superhuman ability and achievements, prolific creative talents in any field and makes the native brilliant and inspired.

The images on the Talisman are the Image of Sopdet, the goddess that represents Sirius. Sopdet is displayed, riding her boat in the night sky, with a star on top of her headdress while holding a lotus flower. The Lotus probably represents one year's cycle, thus linking her to the yearly rising of Sirius and the new year.

The back of the Talisman bears the Egyptian Hieroglyph of Sirius and the ancient magical seal of Sirius. The canister contains Juniper and Wormwood according to a formula found in ancient writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus himself.

Fixed Stars Talismans
Talismans for fixed stars were considered potently powerful and unique, as they represent emanations of forces outside and above our solar system, reflecting in a sense, superhuman virtues and powers. Most of the shining fixed stars are gigantic Suns extremely bigger than our own.

The name “fixed stars” marks the difference between the apparent movements of the planets (meaning wanderers) and the stars and constellations which seem fixed and unmoving from the earth’s point of view. For the ancients, the fixed position of those Stars relative to each other, and to the moving planets and the earth’s rotation, was considered a mark of their divinity, as they are unchanging and therefore eternal.

* To clarify this distinction, the ecliptic or zodiac degree of a fixed star can be very far from its real physical placement in the sky. Except for the fixed stars which are physically situated on the ecliptic (path of the sun) like Regulus or Spica, other major fixed stars can be very far from the ecliptic and are therefore projected onto it from both sides of the celestial orb. That means that although a fixed star projected degree can rise or conjunct a planet, it doesn't mean that the star is truly physically there, or rising at that time. Our experience has proven the potency of the real rising of fixed stars over the horizon or culminating over the midheaven. more so in key phases of its solar cycle, and/or when in “paran” with one of the luminaries or planets. In the case of Sirius, its projected degree (Cancer 14º22’) had risen on the Ascendent an hour and a half before its real rising (in Israel’s latitude, co-rising with Leo 4º).  This does not invalidate the potency of projected zodiac degrees, which are powerful points of star and solar/ecliptic relationship, but does provide a more direct energetical connection, by the fact of its real connection with the Horizon/Midheaven, which reflects the earth-star relationship. 

The Making of the Alchemical Cosmic Tree Bracelet

The Making of the
                              Alchemical Cosmic Tree Bracelet

Thank you for reading
With Great Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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