December 2012 Newsletter

Mayan World Tree in Honor of December 21 2012 and "Your Gift is on its Way" card for late gift buyers 

Over the last year I have received countless requests and many people have turned to me to create a special model for the upcoming 21st of December. The belief in the Mayan calendar
maintains that it will end on the 21st of December, and over the last couple of years, this belief has become very widespread. In, my opinion, this belief originates from a misunderstanding of the cyclical nature of the Mayan calendar. In fact in the last two years, researchers have discovered many continuations  of the calendar way beyond the above mentioned date.
However our collective desire for cosmic change that will bring a new humanity inspired me to look for a suitable symbol for the coming end of the year.

First Limited Edition 
The first edition of the pendant will be made at the 21 of December 2012.

Mayan Tree Gold Mayan Tree Silver and Gold Mayan Tree Silver
Mayan World Tree Pendant Gold Mayan World Tree Pendant Silver and Gold Mayan World Tree Pendant Silver

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Solution for Late Gift Buyers
"Your Gift is on its Way" - Card
Due to pressure on postal services worldwide during the holiday season, delays can happen. Also some of you may still be wanting to place an order, yet are afraid that the gift will not arrive on time. For this reason, we have come up with a great idea. We have prepared a graphic holiday card that you can download and print, to give to your loved one on the eve of the holiday. In the event of a postal delay, the card will allow you to share your good wishes until the actual present arrives. We have left a few lines on the bottom of the postcard for you to include a personal message.
Your gift is on it's way - postcard

To download the image follow these instructions:

  • Click on the image link below to open the picture on a browser
  • Point the mouse on the image
  • Click on the right mouse button
  • Select “save image as”
  • Print the image and add personal message

The Story Behind the Mayan World Tree Pendant

A few months ago, I took my family for a trip in the desert in the south of Israel.In order to avoid the banality of spending time in a hotel by the pool, I decided to take everyone on a night journey in the desert. We hired a guide with an old Landrover jeep and we went out into the desert. We spent the first hours observing foxes, desert rabbits, we spotted porcupine holes, and we looked at the sparkling lights that we discovered were the eyes of the Trapdoor spider. At the end of journey, we came  to a valley, that received the name, "Valley of the Scorpions".At the entrance, we all received an ultra violet flashlights. When we entered the valley, we discovered that the flaslight revealed countless luminous dots.These were scorpions. The body of the scorpion contains a little bit  of phosphorous which causes it to glow in the dark and to attract moths and other insects which it feeds upon.

The thing that attracted my attention was the sky above me. The expanse of the milky way was spread out above me. In the urban environment with all the artificial lights, we are not able to observe this beauty, but here in the desert when we get some distance from areas that are settled, the gateway to the expanse of the Universe opens up. At the time of quietly observing  the desert skies enveloped by the psychedelic experience of luminous scorpions surrounding me, the Milky Way above me, with my youngest child of two years sleeping deeply in my arms and my elder daughter who is six was explaining to me about the desert animals, it came to me that I had found the perfect symbol for the end of 2012- The Mayan World Tree- the ancient symbol of the Universe and the Milky Way.

Mayan tree sketch

When we returned from the journey, my eldest daughter asked me," what are all those strange trees  that are growing near  the house?." "Which trees?", I asked in reply. "Look, Dad" and she pointed at a row of trees with huge pink-white flowers, with a bottle like trunk covered with thorns. This was the Crocodile Tree of the Maya-their symbol of The World tree and the Milky Way. The whole street and the whole area where I live is full of Cebia trees... Cosmic perfection...

Is It the End of The World?
About the 21st of December from an Astrological point of view
It has been over a decade that the rumors of 21.12.2012 have been floating around, exponentially spreading in the last couple of years. We have seen books and movies on the subject and many prophecies of ancient cultures coming to light. The most famous of all is, of course, the Mayan prophecies, which points to the ushering of a world transformation, or even an apocalypse. Those prophecies where based on the ending of the Mayan long count (with the "13-baktun").

In recent years, the research into the subject showed these prophecies to be without a solid base. Few Mayan researchers say these only come from one of many tablets that do not correlate with each other, and that it is also too corrupt to speculate its meaning. Some say that there is validated proof that the count does not end, but continues to other, larger groupings of cycles.

Mayan Calendar

Moreover, the rumor of the so called "Galactic alignment" has been disproved. It is a fact that can be checked by any astronomical software. The alignment of the solstice sun with the galactic center cannot happen astronomically, and the alignment with the galactic equator had already occurred in 1998.

All that said, this doesn't mean that this date is not important; even though this is not the "end of the world". It is a pick point of the shifting of the ages, but the shift itself is a long one and it has been happening, and will be happening for a long time. This is probably reflected by the sun crossing of the Milky Way in its precession cycle (26,000 years), which takes a couple of hundred years.
Astrologically speaking, this date is very interesting, at the exact time of the solstice (11:11 GMT). There's is a 'Yod' formation between Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter.  A Yod formation is an interesting alignment of planets, which looks like a pointed triangle. This formation is sometimes called the "finger of fate" showing a powerful push to give birth to a new creation. Adding the massive collective force behind the symbol that 2012 represents to the world, as an old world sheds its skin and the new world rising from its ashes, this is a strong symbol of transformation and creation. This talisman is connecting us with this potent transformational energy, as creative carriers of the change of our age.

Mayan Tree Gold Mayan Tree Silver and Gold Mayan Tree Silver
Mayan World Tree Pendant Gold Mayan World Tree Pendant Silver and Gold Mayan World Tree Pendant Silver

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I wish for all of us a new age of cosmic perfection, self awareness and love

Thank you 
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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