December 2013 Newsletter

We are Star Children - New Mayan Design and 15% dicount coupon for the Holidays

As always, for the end of 2013 I've decided to create something meaningful for my friends from all around the world. So, this time my dear global friends from our global village I chose again the Image of the Mayan World Tree. The Mayan world tree is one of my favorite cosmic symbols, derived from the Mayan cosmology. 


Now, since I do my best to stay true to the original symbol and it's meaning, I was glad to receive (after placing the diagram on my FB fan page) the following explanation from Nefer Khefri who holds a Phd In Mayan Studies:
"This is the mirror image of the stone carving from the Mayan site of Izapa, Stela # 25. The World Tree sprouts from the body of a caiman with the Celestial Bird perched on top. The shaman on the left (or ancient ruler, scholars aren't 100% sure either way) is holding a power staff through which he communicates with, and probably is manifesting, a glorified ancestor. Izapa is an incredibly interesting site & I wish more was written up on it. I hold a doctorate in Mayan studies from UT-Austin & often wish I had focused on it instead of the Mayan ballgame for my dissertation. Spiritually speaking, this is a VERY powerful image. You're doing an awesome job." 


Star Children Pendant with Moldavite Tektite (Limited Stock!)

Star Children Pendant Silver and Gold
Star Children Pendant Silver and Gold


The Image of the Mayan World Tree is an accurate depiction of the Ceiba Tree with it's bottle like trunk covered with thorns which reminded the ancient Mayan people the body of a crocodile. The crocodile tree became a symbol of the cosmos or the Milky way and the reason that I chose this symbol is because it is one of the first human symbols of the cosmos and because we are all eventually Star Children. Every atom in our body came straight out of the furnaces of long forgotten supernovas in the far regions of space.

This is a powerful symbol because it actually depicts pure consciousness - it shows the human being, the Star Child looking and trying to understand itself - the universe. 


Star Children Pendant Gold
Star Children Pendant Gold

The stone at the bottom is of course a genuine rare Moldavite tektite - the remains of a meteorite impact that took place some 15 million years ago and can be found in the regions of the Czech Republic. 


Star Children Pendant Silver and Gold
Star Children Pendant Silver and Gold


Many of you asked me to create something with this beautiful tektite, which is known for it's spiritual characteristics. When I found these pieces of Moldavite a few months ago I knew that I have to come up with something special. 



Star Children Pendant Silver and Gold
Star Children Pendant Silver and Gold

Please notice that at the moment I received only 20 pieces, and once sold out it might take some time to find another reliable source since there is only one mine left at the moment.


Last year on December 2012 I have made the first Mayan World Tree design. For those of you who are not familiar with the events that led me to create the first Mayan World Tree model, here they are again: 

 A few months ago, I took my family for a trip in the desert in the south of Israel. In order to avoid the banality of spending time in a hotel by the pool, I decided to take everyone on a night journey in the desert. We hired a guide with an old Landrover jeep and we went out into the desert. We spent the first hours observing foxes, desert rabbits, we spotted porcupine holes, and we looked at the sparkling lights that we discovered were the eyes of the Trapdoor spider. At the end of journey, we came  to a valley, that received the name, "Valley of the Scorpions".At the entrance, we all received an ultra violet flashlights. When we entered the valley, we discovered that the flaslight revealed countless luminous dots.These were scorpions. The body of the scorpion contains a little bit  of phosphorous which causes it to glow in the dark and to attract moths and other insects which it feeds upon.

Mayan Tree Gold Mayan Tree Silver and Gold Mayan Tree Silver
Mayan World Tree Pendant Gold Mayan World Tree Pendant Silver and Gold Mayan World Tree Pendant Silver

The thing that attracted my attention was the sky above me. The expanse of the milky way was spread out above me. In the urban environment with all the artificial lights, we are not able to observe this beauty, but here in the desert when we get some distance from areas that are settled, the gateway to the expanse of the Universe opens up. At the time of quietly observing  the desert skies enveloped by the psychedelic experience of luminous scorpions surrounding me, the Milky Way above me, with my youngest child of two years sleeping deeply in my arms and my elder daughter who is six was explaining to me about the desert animals, it came to me that I had found the perfect symbol for the end of 2012- The Mayan World Tree- the ancient symbol of the Universe and the Milky Way.

When we returned from the journey, my eldest daughter asked me," what are all those strange trees  that are growing near  the house?." "Which trees?", I asked in reply. "Look, Dad" and she pointed at a row of trees with huge pink-white flowers, with a bottle like trunk covered with thorns. This was the Crocodile Tree of the Maya-their symbol of The World tree and the Milky Way. The whole street and the whole area where I live is full of Ceiba trees... Cosmic perfection... 

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Thank you for reading
Happy Holiday
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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