2015 Newsletter

Happy New Year 2015! Jewelry to Support your New years Resolutions 

David Weitzman and Ka-Gold team would like to bestow upon you thousand wishes for a wonderful 2015. May this year bring you abundance, love and good health. May you find a basic sense of contentment and ever lasting happiness and share it with the world to make it a better place in the present and for the future generations.

Happy New Year 2015

New Year's Resolution
New Year's Resolution is a secular tradition, in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement. Some of the most common New Year’s Resolutions are usually about taking care of our self better like quit smoking, lose weight, get fit et cetera. Other common examples are getting organized, enjoy life to the fullest, help others and spend more time with our family,set on a new journey or  find the courage to take actions and free oneself from things and obstacles that bound him/her.

14% Discount for New Year's Resolutions Jewelry
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in a research made by University of Scranton, only 8% reported that they are successful in achieving their resolutions. Another 49% reported that they had infrequent success. It shows how hard it is to follow the things you really want in life. Our self is usually our biggest obstacle. When facing true moments It clouds our judgment and makes us forget our determination.

David’s Jewelry As Reminders and Mind Changers
Each and every one of David’s designs is crafted with intention to bring the wearer’s life a certain quality. It may be willpower, healing, love, happiness or wisdom. Wearing one of David’s design can remind the wearer of the thing they are committed to and transform his/her mindset. Although the design also works on the subconscious level, the strongest effect is when the wearer truly understand and becomes one with the intention. David’s designs can act as a powerful tool to help you reach your New Year’s resolution.

Here are some examples to matching New Year’s Resolution Jewelry

Lose weight/quit smoking/get fit - Willpower jewelry

Jewelry to Enhance One's Will-Power
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New beginnings

Jewelry for New Beginnings
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Find Success and Abundance

Find Success and Abundance
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14% Discount for New Year's Resolutions Jewelry
Valid Until January 10th

We wish you a special 2015 in which you will grow mentally and spiritually.
With Great love
David and Ka-Gold team

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