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   Venus Jupiter Solar Talismans and 15% Discount Coupon for The Holidays

Up to now, we have made several Talismans for different combination of Venus and Jupiter - the two supremely beneficial planets. This time we are making the Talisman for their harmonious trine aspect in fire signs, while venus is emerging from the sun beams, and jupiter is rising in the east.
The Jupiter-Venus Talisman
Pre Order Now!! - A limited edition will be assembled today on December 4th 2014 between 21:11-22:13 GMT+3

The Talisman’s design is a blend of Venus and Jupiter magical symbolism. It gives great joy and optimism, enthusiasm and winds of freedom and adventure. It will lighten up any situation, give strength, guidance and authority.

The Jupiter-Venus Talisman

In astrology, Venus and Jupiter are the two “good givers”. They symbolize everything from good fortune, wealth, pleasure, joy, luck, hope, love and success. Basically, all the things worth waking up to in this life...

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A couple of month ago Jupiter moved into the fire sign Leo, where he will stay for approximately one year. Venus will soon move from scorpio (the sign of her detriment) to Sagittarius the Jupiter ruled sign. when she gets to the exact trine with Jupiter, she will be on the verge of making a helical rising (rising from the sun beams), a process that gives her great strength as she gradually becomes visible in the night sky after sunset (that is her evening star phase which is her preferred phase in contrast to her morning star phase).

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This beautiful Trine which Venus makes to Jupiter is strongly received by him, as he is the ruler of sign (Sagittarius) Venus is in. This harmonious meeting of the two naturally benefic planets, in fire signs gives great joy and optimism, enthusiasm and winds of freedom and adventure. It will lighten up any situation, give strength, guidance and authority.

Also very pronounced in this configuration is a heightening in popularity and charisma, artistic talent and creativity - mainly of the performing art but not only. This combination has a flare for drama, movement, acting and a publicity, a general excitement and freedom of inner beauty and individual expression.

The Jupiter-Venus Talisman

In the exact time of the making the Talisman Jupiter will be rising in the east and the Moon will be culminating in its Exaltation sign of Taurus!, this will tremendously strengthen the whole configuration, while making the Talisman express a multitude of supporting and beneficial virtues.

The Talisman is composed of silver, copper (Venus) and tin (Jupiter). The Talisman is then 'born' at the corresponding astrological time with the consecration and the charging of the Talisman and the summoning of the forces involved.
The talisman is composed of the symbols of Venus magical seal, Jupiter's glyph and the crescent moon which is already natively embedded in the original Venus seal. Engraved in the outer ring above is Jupiter 'alphabet', and below of Venus.

Mayan Venus Solar talisman-Limited Edition!!!
This Talisman was originally designed for the rare and sold out edition of the Venus Transit Talisman (from the 6th of June 2012). After many requests, our astrologer found a unique  opportunity to recreate them as a powerful Venus - Jupiter Solar Talismans. These limited special edition talismans will be assembled on December 4th between 21:11-22:13 GMT+3
(Givatayim, Israel; 32N04; 34E48)

Mayan Venus Jupiter Ring Gold And Silver

The configuration and time of these Talismans is the same as the Jupiter-Venus Talisman and the explanation is very similar. The harmonious meeting of the two naturally benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter), in fire signs gives great joy and optimism, enthusiasm and winds of freedom and adventure. It will lighten up any situation, give strength, guidance and authority.

Mayan Elements
The Mayan have put a lot of emphasis on the cycles of Venus in their calendar. They believed that Venus is the god Quetzalcoatl, and the period of venus’s helical rising and setting were linked to his appearance and disappearance or death and rebirth from the underworld.

Venus Jupiter Solar Talisman

To honor the Mayan tradition and their heritage, we are making these two unique Talismans - a pendant and a ring. The pendant Talisman is composed from the Mayan symbols of Venus and the Sun, which were fused together exactly at this narrow time frame! The ring is composed of the Mayan symbol for Venus and I have made the models in the same traditional design of the ancient Mayan jewelers.

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The symbol of Venus is set with diamonds which is the stone symbolizing the traits of Venus, while the Sun symbol is set with ruby.

Venus Jupiter Solar Talismans

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David Weitzman and the Ka gold jewelry Team.

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