December 2010 Newsletter

New Astrology Talisman and Last Minute Tool for Christmas

Many of you are now buying gifts for your loved ones. Due to pressure on postal services worldwide during the holiday season, delays can happen. Also some of you may still be wanting to place an order, yet are afraid that the gift will not arrive on time. For this reason, we have come up with a great idea. We have prepared a graphic holiday card that you can download and print, to give to your loved one on the eve of the holiday. In the event of a postal delay, the card will allow you to share your good wishes until the actual present arrives. We have left a few lines on the bottom of the postcard for you to include a personal message.

Holiday card

To download the image follow these instructions:
  • Click on the image link below to open the picture on a browser
  • Point the mouse on the image
  • Click on the right mouse button
  • Select “save image as”

The %15 Discount Coupon (7696RE6K) is still available
(until the 24th of December)

To use it, add items to the shopping cart and click on the I have coupon link inside the shopping cart page.

New Limited Edition Astrology Talisman - Jupiter Pendant
The talisman will be made on 18/12/2010 between 18:00-19:00. To reserve one please make the order before.
Last January, I made a limited edition Jupiter Talisman that was sold out within 48 hours and many of you who wished to purchase it, were left disappointed. That specific talisman could only be made once in 12 years (the time of Jupiter’s entrance into Pisces,) so we have waited for a special opportunity to create a different Jupiter Talisman. Two weeks ago I got a phone call from the astrologer Michael Ofek who told me that after a long time, that Jupiter was in retrograde motion (since 24/7), and a bit more than a month of the Venus retrograde, they have both regained their direct motion, and they did it together on the same day with less then five hours difference! This is a rare coincidence which happens once in 300 years.

It is reassuring to know that the two 'beneficial' planets (as they are called by the ancients), which are considered life and growth supporting, are back in business, and we can anticipate a great relief, and a renewed sense of optimism and joy, after the hardships we may have experienced over the last couple of months. We want to celebrate the returning of Jupiter from its long retrograde into its own sign of Pisces, with a newly designed Talisman, This will be the last talisman that will be made for Jupiter in this quality and force, until it will reach either cancer (its exultation) in three to four years, or  Sagittarius (its second sign) which it will reach in eight years.

With great love
Happy Holidays
David Weitzman and Ka Gold Jewelry team.

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