Five Hidden Gems from David’s Collection

In this newsletter, we like to share with you five of David’s “Hidden Gems” - designs that don’t always get the spotlight but are very special. We encourage you to read the meaning behind them as it is very profound and inspiring.

Hidden Gems from
                            David's Designs

Galaxy Ring M51
The Galaxy ring is based on the spiral structure of the M51 galaxy. The M51 galaxy is one of the better-known galaxies and can be seen with relative ease from the Earth. M51 has a spiral structure similar to our own Milky Way galaxy.

Just to put things in perspective - M51 has a diameter of some 11.2 million light-years with a mass equivalent to the mass of 160 million stars like our Sun…sounds huge, doesn’t it?

Inlaid Galaxy Ring Gold

Price: $1,130 USD

The ring was made at the request of a client. The thing I found compelling in the ring (and that was also my intention when I designed it) was the sense of proportion that one feels when he stands in front of something so huge. Suddenly, we begin to understand our place in the monumental formation that is the universe…

The Tesseract
The Tesseract is a beautiful symbol of the fascinating concept that the universe is both finite and at the same time unbounded. It is also a powerful reminder of our limited comprehension and ability to absorb and fully understand the beauty, mystery, wonder and complexity of the cosmos.

Tesseract Pendant Silver

Price: $129 USD

Tesseract Pendant Gold

Price: $1,043 USD

The Philosopher's Ring
A modern take on the 17th-century philosopher Baruch Spinoza's own signet ring.

The ring is a symbol of courage, bravery and self-belief. It is meant to inspire the wearer to be confident and to hold on to his own beliefs (just like Spinoza did in a hostile environment).
The Known philosopher Baruch Spinoza wore a ring, one on which he personally engraved a rose and the Latin word - Caute (watch out). The rose symbolized himself since the name Spinoza is a variation of the Spanish word for thorn. Spinoza was well aware that he was considered a thorn among the Jewish community in Amsterdam. His ideas irritated the Christian authorities and the Jewish community was afraid that anger will be pointed to them. So the Jewish community banished him (although his ideas appeared centuries before him by kabbalistic figures).

After Spinoza’s death in 1678, all his writings were confiscated and his figure became a derogatory name. His writings kept on being controversial for the next few centuries but regain renaissance by poets like Goette and Samuel Coleridge. His philosophy known as Pantheism tries to explain nature and God and claims that nature and all creation is the embodiment of divinity and infinity. It means, understanding the universe while taking out any unnatural cause or intervention of an external God but at the same time not just a scientific dry understanding but seeing nature as an organic oneness, infinite and whole.

72 Names Tablet
According to ancient Kabbalah traditions if we take the central verses in the Book of Exodus -14 and divide them in a certain way we will receive 72 combinations of three letters. If we connect their combination we will receive a name of 216 letters. These combinations are the name or the formula by which means, among other things the world was created. The source of the formula is not known and also the way to use it has been lost over the years. These combinations of letters appear in ancient Jewish amulets.

72 Names Tablet Silver

Price: $174 USD

72 Names Tablet Gold

Price: $2,718 USD

Star Children Pendant (with Genuine Moldavite)
The Mayan world tree is one of my favourite cosmic symbols, derived from the Mayan cosmology. Now, since I do my best to stay true to the original symbol and its meaning, I was glad to receive (after placing the diagram on my FB fan page) the following explanation from Nefer Khefri who holds a Ph.D. In Mayan Studies:
This is the mirror image of the stone carving from the Mayan site of Izapa, Stela # 25. The World Tree sprouts from the body of a caiman with the Celestial Bird perched on top. The shaman on the left (or ancient ruler, scholars aren't 100% sure either way) is holding a power staff through which he communicates with, and probably is manifesting, a glorified ancestor. Izapa is an incredibly interesting site & I wish more was written upon it. I hold a doctorate in Mayan studies from UT-Austin & often wish I had focused on it instead of the Mayan ballgame for my dissertation. Spiritually speaking, this is a VERY powerful image. You're doing an awesome job.

The Image of the Mayan World Tree is an accurate depiction of the Ceiba Tree with its bottle-like trunk covered with thorns which reminded the ancient Mayan people of the body of a crocodile. The crocodile tree became a symbol of the cosmos or the Milky Way and the reason that I chose this symbol is because it is one of the first human symbols of the cosmos and because we are all eventually Starchildren. Every atom in our body came straight out of the furnaces of long-forgotten supernovas in the far regions of space.

This is a powerful symbol because it actually depicts pure consciousness - it shows the human being, the Starchild looking and trying to understand itself - the universe.

Thank you for reading
May All Beings Be Happy
David and Ka-Gold Team

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