Another year is coming to an end. In this newsletter, we like to send you our blessings for 2023 and reflect on the current year’s new designs.

🧘‍♀️ We wish you that 2023 will be a year of awareness for every breath.
💕 A year of compassion and love.
🔋 A year of good health and good energy.
🕊️ A year of peace and collaboration to improve the lives of all beings on earth.
May All Beings Be Happy

2022 New Designs Summary

2022 new
                    designs summary

Jupiter in Pisces Talisman Ring, Pendant and Bracelet a limited edition of once in 12 years
For the ancients, Jupiter was considered ‘The Great Benefic’, the most gracious and bountiful of all the planets. Jupiter signifies the augmentation principle, generating prolific powers of growth in mind, body and soul. He is the bringer of abundance, support and powerful protection and guides the mind to the realms of higher wisdom and understanding.

Pisces is traditionally ruled by Jupiter (together with Sagittarius). When visiting this sign once every twelve years, he amplifies and expands his feminine/nocturnal aspect, awakening emotional inspiration, higher intuition, creativity and imagination, spiritual connection, faith and devotion.

Jupiter in
                    Pisces Talisman


Guardian Angel Five Metals Ring
The Five Metals Ring is an ancient remedy for success and protection, which can be found in Jewish mysticism, Kabbalah remedies and ancient Vedic traditions. The five metals are - Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, and Zinc.

Guardian Angel Five Metals Ring


Royal Handwoven Beads Necklace
This is a handmade chain made according to your choice of beads. The chain is available in 18 inches, 19.7 inches and 21 inches.

                    Handwoven Beads Necklace

Royal Handwoven Beads Necklace


Ancient Priestly Blessing Ring, Pendant and Bracelet
The blessing was inscribed in ancient times as an amulet to ward off evil, and it also symbolizes the divine love of the creator, peace and spirituality.

The translation of the text and its meaning goes as follows:
(May) God (YHWH) bless you and keep you
[May] YHWH make His face shine on you, and show you favour
[May] YHWH lift His face to you, and give you peace

                        Priestly Blessing


Mars in Capricorn Talisman
Mars, the red planet of raw power, energy and passion, has recently entered its exaltation sign of Capricorn (late January). This is a once in two years opportunity, to tune in and align with the elevated powers of Mars.

Mars in Capricorn climbs the highest picks, not stopping until the goal is reached. It is a powerful testimony in the charts of men/women of action, people that can focus their minds and energy on attaining their desires without straying or procrastinating. It is a talisman to aim for intention like a warrior and be able to conquer it with fearless excellence.

Mars in
                        Capricorn Talisman


Pisces Pendant-part of an upcoming customized Ancient Egyptian zodiac amulet
The source of this structure is the two intersecting circles known as the Vesica Pisces - the symbol of light and the beginning of creation. The small symbols embedded on the pendant are the ancient Egyptian lotus flower which symbolizes the solar return and rebirth, the ancient Egyptian star hieroglyph sailing through the night sky, and of course, the sign of Pisces.

Pisces Pendant


Sacred Incense (Pitum Haketoret)
Each one of these unique talismans contains a genuine scroll with the traditional accurate entire text of the incense offering formula written by a “Sofer Stam” (literally with a feather) using the exact Assyrian fonts of the Torah. The writing on the canister says "Pitum Haketoret" in ancient Hebrew. The task of writing this text takes a lot of time and effort because even if one letter is flawed, the entire scroll cannot be used, so it might take a few weeks to finish each talisman.

Mars in
                      Capricorn Talisman

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