February 2010 Newsletter
New designs and thoughts about my upcoming 37th birthday…

Next week I will celebrate my 37th birthday. The use of the numbers 3 and 7 repeat itself through much of my work. They are also related to a new secret project I'm working on, but that is for next time. In this email I wish to share a revelation and deep insight experience I had around ten years ago.

It was a Friday afternoon and I was working on some sacred geometry sketches. I was enthused by the idea that the whole reality is based on certain mathematical laws represented in sacred geometrical bodies. It led me to the thought – why does creation exists in first place?

I was very tired and my head ached so I didn’t expect an answer. Suddenly, in a mysterious way, I had a vision of the letters of the Hebrew word for experience, HAVAYA. I watched the letters and was surprised to see that the letters split into two different words HAVA-YA meaning - experience G-D. Then it came to me. If the whole creation was in a unity, it could not have the ability to experience anything as it has no relative point of view. From that I draw that the essences of creation is to experience itself and understand itself. We are all part of one force which through us experiences itself and that experience is called – LIFE.

The Ultimate experience of that force is love. That is why we are all searching for it. It is fascinating to see that in Hebrew the word love is composed of the letters H which symbols G-D and the letters A and B which symbols the one that split itself and forms the creation.

We are not humans aspiring to be spiritual but we are one spiritual force that experiences humanity!

I wish you great experiences of love and insight,

AHAVA pendant
AHAVA pendant
AHAVA pendant AHAVA pendant AHAVA pendant
The symbol of AHAVA (Hebrew language of the Old Testament) is a perfectly harmonious symbol that can be reversed and still appear the same. It teaches our consciousness the nature of sanctified love where the creator and the created, the container and the contents, together create and balance one and the other in perfect harmony.

Jupite-Venus-Moon in Pisces Talisman
Rear Talisman which capture a wonderful astrology event - the next date of creation is 2022.
Venus Jupiter moon in pisces pendant
This talisman is designed to encapsulate a wonderful and magical astrological event. On the 14th February, 2010, there was a triple conjunction (alignment) of Jupiter with Venus and the newly born moon in Pisces.

Venus is applying into a conjunction with Jupiter. Before those two can join, the moon enters Pisces and, as the “collector of lights”, touches them both and helps make their connection concrete, personal and intimate.

Healing Rafa pendant
Healing Rafa pendant
Healing Rafa pendant Healing Rafa pendant Healing Rafa pendant
The symbol is constructed from three Hebrew letters –"ר" (R), "פ" (P) and "א" (A) and is the root for the Hebrew word for healing (REPHUA). The symbol in the pendant flows counterclockwise in a spiral motion. This circular and spiral flow helps us experience to the full and reconnect to the basic circle of life and creation. When this connection is made all ailments and unpleasantness begin to open and heal and we return to our beginnings.

Native American Eagle pendant
Native American Eagle pendant
Native American Eagle pendant
Native America symbol of freedom and spirituality

Smaller version of the Abundance (SHEFA) pendant + a movie
Devora Perlman (the receiver of the SHEFA symbol) made a movie about the SHEFA symbol.
Abundance (SHEFA) pendant
Abundance (SHEFA) pendant

Unique wooden greeting cards – Designed by Tzur Adar
Made by Jewish and Arab individuals with special needs
Unique wooden greeting cards These unique wooden envelopes were designed by Tzur in collaboration and cooperation with the "SheCooloTov" foundation and the "WoodWork" company as part of an enterprise involving both Jews and Arabs. The program provides work solutions for challenged individuals and those with special needs.

All of the products are created from leftover and waste materials salvaged from the furniture and wood working industry.

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With Great Love
David Weitzman and the Ka Gold Jewelry team

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