February  2012 Newsletter

Ouroboros Pendant, Discount on Healing Jewelry and a Touching Customer Letter   

A few weeks ago I received a letter from a customer that left me amazed for quite some time after reading it. Joyfully, I receive a lot of heartwarming thank you letters from customers. These letters, in my perception, emphasize the fact that customers sense the love which is the ingredient for real creativity.

The reason that this letter surprised me was due to the model that the customer received and the hidden meaning behind it. We are talking about the Ouroborus ring, the dragon that swallows it’s own tail. The Ouroborus ring is a symbol that I come back to over and over again because of its meaning, and the many places where  I have encountered its ability to empower and impact others in my life.

Ouroboros Pendant

The Ouroborus symbolizes on a personal level the ability to create ourselves a new and to inspire us to make long lasting changes in our lives. On the cosmic level, it is the symbol of the universe itself that creates itself a new from itself, or as Stephen Hawking says - The force of gravity that allows in fact the universe to create itself a new infinitely.

Ouroboros Pendant with Diamonds or Zircons

The story of the ring started a year ago when I was looking to create the ultimate cosmic symbol, a symbol of real and perfect magic. I wanted to create a jewel that when worn could create change for the good in the wearer’s life. After several weeks I created the Ouroborus ring. When initially describing the ring on the website, I chose to refrain from emphasizing the ring’s true power. I included an explanation of the symbol and the fact that it could serve the wearer by bringing him courage to make decisions that would change his life. The original idea of a magic ring that would create long lasting changes in the life of the wearer I kept to myself. The ring was exhibited at the end of 2011 as a part of two symbols of renewal on the eve of 2012.
This is the letter that I received:

Refence to the above, I would like to share something with you.
I am disabled, with spina bifida, cervical spondelosis,emphasemia, chronic arthritus plus angina, following two heart operations. Just over 3 years ago I was told I would never walk again. I prayed to THE LORD GOD to heal me, in addition to my prayers many friends throughout the world were also praying for me. On 9/23,my prayers were answered and I took my first few small steps with the aid of a walking stick. I have made steady progress since then and now have a buggy, which enables me to travel away from the care home where I live.

I was very apprehensive about going out on my own, my confidence in myself was lacking, and I was pleased that I could walk but worried about being out on my own. Then the OUROBORUS RING arrived, and upon putting it on my finger, within a matter of just a few minutes, I felt mentally, physically and spiritually uplifted. I felt my confidence coming back and took a taxi into the city, something I had never done since becoming wheelchair bound. I felt good and in complete control of whatever transpired.

By coincidence, a few days later I had an appointment with my doctor for my 6 monthly check up. He remarked on how well I was looking, confirmed my blood pressure was
normal and my breathing test proved clear. He further remarked that my walking has improved, my posture was erect and gave me a clear bill of health.

My health problems (detailed above) are still with me, but I don't seem to notice the pain so much. I attribute all of this to the OUROBORUS RING. I have since gone out to the local shops on my little buggy and felt quite secure.

In conclusion I would just like to say thank to David for this beautiful and powerful ring.

Many Blessings

Ouroboros Ring

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The origins of the Ouroborus are from the ancients that observed different types of reptiles and saw them shedding their skin and apparently being born again. In the museum I even came across amulets of copper snakes from an Egyptian temple from ancient copper mines in Timna, which reminds us of the story of the copper snake from the wanderings of the children of Israel in the desert.

However, the most surprising place where I encountered this symbol in its deepest personal meaning is with Neil Peart, The drummer for Rush. Peart is a well known musician and one of the world’s greatest drummers. His intelligent lyrics as well as his complex rhythm pieces on the drums led to him being called “The professor”. One day while searching online for auto parts for a vintage car I ran into a blog on motorcycles.

Dragon Pendant (Mixed with Gordian Knot)

One of the songs from the album “Moving Pictures”, is called "Red Barchetta". The song is based on a story written by a young student for a car magazine in 1973 and describes a future where government regulations cause the extinction of old cars in favor of awkward vehicles without any joy of the driving experience. The song was a metaphor for a society that compels the creative individual to surrender to its mediocrity. For years Neil looked for the author of the story to no avail, until he eventually found him and invited him on a motorcycle trek that is documented in the blog.

Only later did I discover that in 1997 he lost his only daughter in a car accident and then his wife ten months later to cancer. As a result of the tragedy, he set out on a motorcycle trek throughout north and central America, where he covered a distance of 55000 miles as a journey of self healing. In the end, he returned to the band and while I was watching their concert recently I noticed that his entire drum kit and the stage was covered with the Ouroborus symbol….


Happy March
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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