After a super long lockdown and various obstacles such as our studio manager catching Covid 19 and recovering, we finally got back to work in full. We are currently catching up quite fast and anticipate the waiting time will come down a bit.

We hope David will soon have the time for a new design he is brewing in his mind for a while. Meanwhile, we dedicate this newsletter to some finished designs straight from the workbench, ready to be shipped to their new happy owners.
15% Discount Until March 2nd 2021

Double Headed Serpent
The Double-headed serpent is the Aztec ancient symbol of the Ouroboros. In ancient times it was made as a statue, composed of mostly turquoise pieces applied to a wood base. It came from Aztec Mexico and might have been worn or displayed in religious ceremonies.

The Ouroboros often represent self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other processes perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end. It can also represent the idea of unity.

Double Headed
Double Headed Serpent (With Blue Sapphire)
15% Discount Until March 2nd 2021

Alchemical Cosmic Tree
The symbols of the Sun and the Moon are the symbols of the feminine and masculine forces of creation while the sun is also the ancient symbol of the eternal, the gold. The five symbols on each one of the planets are also the symbols of various metals that were the key to transmutation into gold. The numbers three and seven that can be found in the design (the triangles and the planets) are also repetitive key numbers in numerous spiritual and philosophical teachings. The tree is of course a symbol of life and creation.

                                Cosmic Tree
Alchemical Cosmic Tree (Silver and Red Gold)
15% Discount Until March 2nd 2021

Emerald Tablet Mercury Ring
The Mercury Talismanic Emerald Tablet Ring bears the four ancient Egyptian symbols of the classical elements. The engraving around the ring was taken from Fulcanelli’s translation of the Emerald Tablet. It is my favourite sentence “And since all things exist and emanate from the One, who is the ultimate cause, so all things are born, after their kind from this One."
15% Discount Until March 2nd 2021

King Solomon's Ring
King Solomon's ring with the G-D four letters name on it. A powerful ring for protection and a reminder of the true nature of life.

King Solomon's
15% Discount Until March 2nd 2021

The Four Angels Amulet
At the center/bottom of the pendant, there is an engraving in the same original Assyrian Hebrew fonts of the Torah with the name of the owner of the talisman and the name of his/her mother. This type of engraving can be found in special healing and protective ancient amulets.
15% Discount Until March 2nd 2021

Vesica Pisces Ring
The structure in the ring is known as the Vesica Pisces or the first day of creation. It is a symbol of the infinite consciousness that is in all of us, learning and experiencing itself through creation.
15% Discount Until March 2nd 2021

Thank you
With great love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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