January 2011 Newsletter

New Powerful Mars Talisman and a Celebration of Inner Fire

Here’s a powerful start for 2011: The Mars Talisman
This unique talisman harnesses the strong power of Mars focused by Capricorn. I have made this one with the Astrologer Michael Ofek for those of you who wish to become doers and makers.
The making of Mars Talisman was a powerful experience for me. The ancient mages tell us that a talisman is made more powerful if the artist that is making it also has that combination in his own chart and guess what, I have this combination in my birth chart!!!

Below I added a few more items in my collection that relates to the subject of the inner fire. the fire that gives us the ability to do things and to live life to its full potential.

Mars and the other fire related creations all get 11% discount  for one week until the 17th...

I wish you all a great and super productive 2011

Powerful Mars Talisman

Razor sharp astrology tool for those who need the Energy to move mountains...
The planet Mars is soon to enter Capricorn, the sign of its exultation. This is the time that Mars is very powerful, Capricorn balances and regulates its energy in the most productive and disciplined way.

When Mars is in Capricorn, it is in Saturn's earth sign, this sign is said to sharpen and give concrete focus to Mars energy, the energy is shaped and becomes a strong building force and and has enduring stamina. Mars is oriented to the disciplined control of Saturn, energy does not get wasted ,it is stabilized and has a long term purpose. This shows up in the chart of doers and makers, people with drive and ambition, people in managerial positions, who are independent, and have strong determination and ability.

This is a powerful symbol for achieving aims, it is invigorating and vitalizing.

The talisman is made in the time when Mars is in the first degree of Capricorn, and is rising in the east (on the ascendant) while Saturn is culminating near the mid - heaven.

The image of the talisman, is Mars rising in the triangle representing the fire element. This symbolizes the rising of the fire of action. We have added gold flames to represent the fires of
the spirit .

The metal of Mars which is iron, is added on the backside of the talisman.
We have two versions of the Talisman - one in silver  and second in silver with gold 14k flames to enhance the fire element

Celebration of the Fire Energy

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.

Like Mars we have some more items which are related to the inner fire. The essential fire that gives us the sense of aliveness and that allows us to transform ourselves and the world.

To celebrate te inner fire with Mars and other related creation, we give 11% discount until 17th of Januray

The Capricorn Talisman
The Zodiac sign pendant series

This month we made a Capricorn Amulet. It was created on the 9th of January between 6:48 and 7:20.  The metal inside is lead which is the metal of Capricorn zodiac.


With great Love
Happy 2011
David Weitzman and Ka Gold Jewelry team.

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