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For our Valentine's Day special I have been looking for the best love talisman there can be. So I have contacted my astrologer,  Michael Ofek, (by the way "Ofek" means "ascendant" ,the same term used in astrology and he was born with that name!) informed me that  the cosmos have aligned with the coming Valentine's Day, as Venus, the planet of love and beauty is in her exalted sign of Pisces.

On 5th of February 2012 between 13:43 -14:32 Venus will enter her exalted degree (27 degrees of Pisces) and will be exactly at the midheaven in the time of her planetary hour while the moon will be in her  own sign of cancer applying with a thrine to her.  This will be another opportunity for a special edition unique talisman, and it is extra special for me since I have the same combination in my own birth chart…

Here is an explanation about the Talisman:
An exalted placement means that the essential nature of a planet is strongly heightened in all its respects, with an addition of modifying factors that do not exist in its signs of rule.
The Pisces energy is modifying Venus’s qualities in underlying the spiritual aspect of love, beauty and harmony. It is an Ideal perception of unconditional love and gentle unifying, even cosmic, compassion.

In Pisces, Venus is not bound to material needs and satisfactions; it is much more interested in the harmonizing and unification of spirits. It brings out a higher love and receptivity, a real authentic connection.

14% Discount on Love Jewelry and Divine Love Talisman
Valid until 14/2/2012
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The talisman will help to attract those higher 'exalted' qualities of love, and partnership, but also higher intuition and sensitivity to beauty, and creative inspiration. It is a true symbol of divine and absolute love beyond its physical boundaries; therefore it radiates the state of love not only in connection to a relationship, but also to nature and the universe.

The talisman itself contains the astrological sign of Venus. The pentagon pattern in the upper circle is actually the celestial beautiful and magical pattern that she creates on her 584 day journey when she passes between the earth and the sun on her path around the sun. At this moment, she creates a fifth of the wheel of the celestial zodiac and forms a pentagram of closeness. This pattern forms a Fibonacci series. The times of the cycles of Venus and Earth create a Golden Relationship that is known as the relationship that describes beauty and harmony in nature. The cyclical relationship between the Earth and Venus shows something of the quality that was always associated with that which Venus represents in astrology.

Venus is the star of beauty and harmony; she governs the wholeness and harmony of nature. That which we see as beauty is the perfect combination of proportions that flow smoothly together in a wonderful dance.

The stone at the center of the pattern is a diamond which is the stone that represents Venus.


With great love
David Weitzman and Ka Gold Jewelry team.

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