January 2012 Newsletter

Welcome 2012 with the Symbol of Light and New Editions of Two Astrology Talismans   

For the arrival of 2012, I wish to give you and to the entire world this symbol, an ancient symbol of light. The structure is known as the Vesica Pisces or the first day of creation. It is a symbol of the infinite consciousness which is in all of us, learning and experiencing itself through creation.
This simple structure consists of two crossed circles, by which one can extract many geometrical and mathematical laws that represent our reality.

It is an ancient symbol of knowledge, wisdom and love.

The triangular structure with 10 points on the bottom of the pendant is called the The Tetractys, a symbol used by Pythagoras from which one can extract mathematics laws of music, beauty and harmony.

In the face of a sense of separation, ignorance, greed and hatred, the symbol is a beacon of unity, wisdom, endless giving and love.

Share the symbol around and remember that one small light can illuminate great darkness…

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New limited Edition for Jupiter-Venus in Pisces
Over the past two years I've received numerous requests to recreate The Jupiter-Venus in Pisces Talisman-finally the opportunity arrived!! This week we are celebrating the entry of Venus into her sign of exaltation - Pisces, by renewing one of our most sought after talisman models. On 14.2.2010 I have created a talisman for the triple conjunction (alignment) of Jupiter with Venus and the newly born Moon in Pisces, the sign ruled by Jupiter, and Venus’s place of exaltation. The same configuration will not return in the sign of Pisces for many years.

The good news is that on the 15.1.2012 Venus will enter the first degrees of Pisces and it will connect with Jupiter in the first degrees of Taurus through an harmonious aspect (sextile- 60 degrees); but that is not all, what empowers their connectioneven more is that they are in 'mutual reception', which means that they are both in each others sign, Jupiter in Taurus- the sign ruled bu Venus, and Venus in Pisces- which is the sign ruled by Jupiter.

Jupiter-Venus-Moon in Pisces Talisman

This is a very strong binding of energies, very similar to a conjunction. The talisman design is a blend of Venus and Jupiter magical symbolism. This combination of the two 'benefic' planets is a strong talisman for protection, happiness, love, joy, optimism, and healing of the heart. The talisman is made at the exact time that Jupiter is rising which further enhances the Jupiterian qualities of success, guidance and general good fortune. The design was made by Astrologer Micahel Ofek.

Please notice that there will be only 15 talismans available!

New limited Edition for Saturn Talisman
On the 12.1 I will be able to recreate the sold out Saturn Talisman and use this opportunity before he will star his retrograde period ;and then only on July/August I will be able to create a nother one just before he will enter Scorpio. After that it will take almost thirty years until he will enter Libra - the sign of its exaltation again (this doesn't mean we will not be making this talisman before that, but not in it's exaltation - which is significantly stronger). This time the exalted Saturn is receiving beneficial harmonious aspects from Venus (trine aspect) and the Moon (sextile aspect) with the Sun rising in Capricorn (Saturn's sign), this takes place also at the planetary hour of Saturn.The design was made by Astrologer Michael Ofek.

Saturn talisman gives stamina, and inner discipline, it gives the power to achieve goals, in the most practical way, to build with foresight and grounded realism what ever you envision, making the vision a reality. It helps those who are lacking  focus in their  life management and career

Only 8 talismans will be made!

Saturn Talisman


With great love
Happy 2012
David Weitzman and Ka Gold Jewelry team.

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