January 2014 Newsletter

The Genesis Pendant - a Powerful Creativity Symbol

As always, for the past few weeks I've been looking for a new and powerful symbol for 2014, and since I've decided to dedicate this year for creative ideas and new enterprises I came up with the Genesis Pendant. My intention was to create the perfect and most powerful symbol for creativity. A symbol that connects us as humans to the ancient creation stories. For that I took the symbol of the Seed of Life, the cosmic symbol of creation; the mathematical/geometrical blueprint of consciousness itself that can be found in many ancient cultures all over the world. The seven intersecting circles that create an hexagram/six petals flower are actually connected to the biblical story and the first chapter of Genesis about the six days of creation.

Genesis Pendant - Symbol of Creativity

Genesis Pendant Silver Genesis Pendant Gold Genesis Pendant Silver and Gold
Genesis Silver 925 Genesis Gold 14k Genesis Silver and Gold

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I used different symbols to depict each day. The first thing that was created was the light, which also symbolizes consciousness and life, so for the first day I’ve used the vesica Pisces symbol (the two intersecting circles) which symbolize light, and also the source of creation from which any mathematical/geometrical law can be derived.

Genesis Pendant Silver
Genesis Pendant Silver

The second day - water, our source of life here on Earth. I’ve used the ancient symbol of a fish, which was used in the ancient world as a symbol of fertility.

The third day according to the biblical story was the day Mother Earth was created (the plants).

On the fourth day we have the Sun the Moon and the stars.

The fifth day was the creation of the animal kingdom.

Genesis Pendant

The sixth day was when we the human being was born and for that I’ve used my symbol for “humanity” - the Phoenician ancient Hebrew letter ALEPH which actually depicts the head of an ox (turn it 45 degrees counterclockwise). The word Aleph means “to cultivate” and indeed cultivation and creativity is what I believe defines us as humans.

The stone I’ve used for this model (though you can order it with your favorite stone)  is a green or pink Tourmaline - the stone of love and protection since many cultures use the symbol of the Seed of Life as a talisman for that purpose.

May we have a peaceful and creative 2014... 

Genesis Pendant Silver Genesis Pendant Gold Genesis Pendant Silver and Gold
Genesis Silver 925 Genesis Gold 14k Genesis Silver and Gold

The Story about creativity and my restored Lancia Delta HF Turbo

Writers are (always) remembered by their best books, politicians are (mostly) remembered by their worst mistakes, businessmen are never remembered for anything
N. Taleb

The Human virtue I most admire is creativity. It was about a week ago that I saw a post that was written in a vintage cars forum by a teenager (I think he was 17..) asking the advice of the people for a car that would make “an impression”. At first I thought that it was a joke, but then as I read further I realized that it was genuine and it was written by a teenager who claimed to be a businessman. His business strategy wasn’t inspirational (well - that's an understatement…) and it was basically based on exploiting other teenagers. I sighed  sadly about the misconception of this guy, and then thought about my little “Red Barchetta”.

About two or three years ago while walking near my house in Tel Aviv I saw this red spot (or actually “Rosso Monza 155” to be precise) in the distance. Curious I went to the end of the street  and realized that it was actually a deteriorating Lancia Delta HF Turbo. I looked at the interior and saw that everything was original, and simply felt sorry for the car which was the basis for the legendary Integrale and was designed by the legendary Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro who was chosen as the car designer of the century.

I used to pass by the car every week, looking at it and hoping that the car owner will restore it to it’s former glory. Then one day it disappeared . After a few months I found the car again on the web. The seller was a young guy who bought it and actually mutilated it as I discovered when I saw it again. I offered him half the price he was asking because the car was almost ruined and he took my offer immediately (probably thinking who is that sucker who wants this wreckage).

To my surprise the car was actually running - so instead of bringing a tow truck I took it home and that was the most enjoyable driving experience of my life. It was a hot day, the AC wasn’t working; but I didn’t mind, it was pure fun!

At the moment the car is almost fully restored, and I intend to use it daily, but here’s the thing - each time I took the car to find spare parts to one of the workshops, the reaction was to my surprise the same. All the workers came out to see the car as if it was an exotic rare Ferrari or a pre war Bugatti. When I brought the car to a vintage car specialist I parked the car and again the same ceremony - ”wow! an Hf Turbo - that was my dream car when I was a boy” “I haven’t seen one in years…” etc; then I noticed that I parked the car next to a vintage Lamborghini Countach.
“Are you serious?” I asked the workshop owner. “The lancia is a great car but it’s not as exotic as this one”. His reply was that the Lamborghini is a sort of a kinetic statue, but as a daily driver it’s useless pompous and ridiculous.

David's Lancia

The car turned out to bring a lot of hilarious or even surrealistic encounters.
However , during my search for spare parts, I crossed paths with a vintage car collector who invited me to his business. He is a very successful businessman and he was happy that I saved the car. When he found out that I’m an artist he told me that fifteen years ago he wanted to become an artist himself but decided to start a business instead . He told me that for him creativity is the only driving force and then showed me some of his works (he is a sculptor and a wood carver) which left me speechless.

My advice for the “young and eager entrepreneur” from the beginning of the story is that people will react much more positively to things that symbolize freedom, fun and creativity (even if they cost like a used Toyota Corolla), rather than being pretentious, and that creativity is a better business strategy then exploitation...

Sagittarius Talisman - December 2013 Edition
Four Talismans made
The Sagittarius pendant is a genuine "Sagittarius talisman". The Talismans were assembled on the3rd of December between 12:06 and 12:34 which is the time of the greatest Sun influence on Sagittarius. 
Sagittarius Talisman
Sagittarius Talisman

The talisman contains a piece of pure Tin inside which is the metal that represents the Sagittarius sign.

Capricorn Talisman - January 2014 Edition
Four Talismans made
The Capricorn pendant is a genuine "Capricorn talisman". The Talismans were assembled on the 5th of January 2014 between 6:48:06 and 7:10 which is the time of the greatest Sun influence on Capricorn. 
Capricorn Talisman
Capricorn Talisman

The talisman contains a piece of pure Tin inside which is the metal that represents the Capricorn sign.

Thank you for reading
David and Ka-Gold Team

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