January 2017 Newsletter

A Personal Story about LOVE and Jewelry for Love Special

In this newsletter I want to share with you a touching personal love story of my shop manager Yaron. and his partner for life Eleyor. In related to the story and as part of our yearly celebration of LOVE we also offer related Jewelry in 14% discount until 14th of February (valentine's day).

Jewelry for LOVE
14% Discount Until February 14th 2017

A personal Love Story 
The story was written by Eleyor Snir, My shop manager’s wife and it describes how they came to be:
"Here is my story and the story of the man that has been in my heart for exactly 25 years.
25 years that our hearts are connected with a fine line.

NYE party 1992
I am almost 17 and that night, when we are really bored and looking for something to do, my sister’s friend suggests that we call you at Neurim (the place where all the youngsters used to stay on the Kibbutz).
I dared to call (a youngsters midnight courage) and after your best friend answers and runs to fetch you from the party you were in, I tell you in a natural manner that I saw you in your Kibbutz and that I really liked you.

Yaron and Eleyor

We agree to talk again the next day and we do,
but only after a few days I told you that my real name is Eleyor (and not the name I had given you)
and that I really don’t know anything about you and never seen you before…
(I didn’t tell you that I think it’s love but I’m sure that I already felt it inside).

So we kept talking almost every night, me sitting on the floor in the dark music room and you on the public pay-phone next to the Kibbutz's secretariat.

One night you didn’t call and I was worried.

The next day when we spoke I told you that my grandfather had died.
You told me that yours had just died as well.
We were both silent, we both cried, we both laughed and we opened our hearts through the telephone lines, light and innocence.

We sent each other hundreds of letters. Mine were filled with detailed drawings and yours were full of philosophy about life and love. In no letter did we send any photos of ourselves.

I matured slowly with those letters, trying to decode your secret codes. I listened to Ehud Banai (an Israeli singer songwriter) for the first time on the cassette you sent me, singing along and imagining you.

In the summer of 1992 we decided to dare and meet in the Arad festival,
at Ehud Banai’s show at the Mezada.
You are waiting for me at the entrance to the show and I know right away.
I could feel it, I am sure that you will be the father of my children.
Our embrace lasts a lifetime. You wrap me with your height and your long arms and I know that i’m home.

I have a boyfriend and a first love.

Jewelry for LOVE
14% Discount Until February 14th 2017

You get drafted to the army and then I get drafted to the army. I can’t stand being so far away from you.
Our wedding on my parent’s porch brings me back my sanity.
Short leaves from the army, visits, longings for you, packages and daily and nightly prayers.
You get released from the army and we are together in the city.
We break up, get back together and break up again.
You want to move on.
We get divorced.
My heart aches. It still hurts me to remember.
We get back together again, break up, miss each other, get back together and break up again.
I try to move on… Studies, friends, dates, Tel-Aviv.

The year is 2000. I visit you after a strange party in the desert. I just wanted to see you.
I missed you so much.
I learn to live with a wounded heart.
For the first time I realise that this is not going to happen in this life,
you are in my dreams but not in my reality any more.

And just when i start to move on you call.
That is it. You have made a life decision. You are sure. Come to me.

I get into the shower in my apartment in Tel-Aviv, the water washes a river of emotions, tears, fear, relief, confusion and thankfulness.
I still struggle though inside I know the answer.
I am moving into your flat.
We learn about each other again. I am very careful but you are sure, sure of yourself and sure of me.
I want to have a child now. Maybe as a guarantee? So you promise that we will have a child once your studies are over.
I can’t wait anymore but you have a life plan for us.
That’s how it always is.
I dream and you do.
We brought 4 kids into this world. Just like I dreamt when we first met.
We have moved houses,
We have moved countries,
We have got over an illness,
And we have gained health.
Now you are building me a house on a mountain and life continues to form right in front of our eyes.
25 years with you happened so fast.
I don’t know what I would have done without this first phone call that brought you into my life line.
With grace and virtue I am going through this life time with you, believing in miracles, dreams and meaning.
Thankful for all that was, praying and blessing all that will be."

Jewelry for LOVE
14% Discount Until February 14th 2017

Thank you for reading
Happy New Years
David and Ka-Gold Team

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