January 2017 Newsletter

The Long Awaited Jupiter Venus Talisman and Venus Exaltation New Edition


The Jupiter-Venus Talisman Silver .
The long awaited Jupiter Venus Talisman will be made by the end of this month!!
A new limited edition will be created on the 31st of January 2017 between 14:15-14:55 GMT+3

Venus Jupiter Moon Talisman
14% Discount Until February 14th 2017

By the end of this month I will create a limited number of these talismans during  Venus planetary hour when she is on the Midheaven, very near her exaltation degree, and conjunct by the newly born Moon (three days after the new moon) which also rules the rising sign of cancer. Venus is also in her "evening star" phase (her preferred phase) glowing strongly after sunset. Furthermore, Venus is also in 'mutual reception' with Jupiter (which means that they are in each other signs), this increases their beneficial connection and energy exchange. Jupiter is also connected to the rising sign as it is its exaltation sign (cancer), all this together, emphasizes the connection of Venus, Jupiter and the Moon which is a great opportunity to make this long awaited design.

The Talisman's design is a blend of Venus, Jupiter and Moon magical symbolism. In this edition the emphasis of Venus is very strong, as is the water element, so this talisman will awaken great emotional sensitivity and pleasure, beauty, sensuality and attractiveness, popularity and charisma along with the Jupiterian traits of abundance, optimism, protection and general good luck.

In astrology, Venus and Jupiter are considered the two “good givers”. They symbolize everything from good fortune, wealth, pleasure, joy, luck, hope, love and success. Basically, all the things worth waking up to in this life...

The Talisman is composed of silver which symbolizes the Moon, copper which is the metal attributed to Venus. The symbols in the Talismans are the Venus magical seal, Jupiter's glyph and the crescent moon which is already natively embedded in the original Venus seal. Engraved in the outer copper ring on top is Jupiter 'alphabet', and below of Venus, with the astrological symbol of Venus on both sides. on the back there is a tiny canister which contains a piece of tin-the metal which represents Jupiter.

The Venus Exaltation Talisman
We are happy to honor Venus, the goddess of love and beauty while she is at her highest expression, making couple of her acclaimed and sold out designs.

Horn of Venus New Edition
14% Discount Until February 14th 2017

Venus Talismans help bring love and romance into our lives, and strengthens our existent emotional and romantic connections. It heightens our sensitivity to beauty and our artistic abilities and inspiration. Venus increases personal charm, attractiveness and popularity (In general and In our profession-10 house) and also helps to calm the mind and body, and gives a more soothing energy to our daily lives. This Talisman is also helpful in increasing fertility.

Pentalpha (Venus) Ring
14% Discount Until February 14th 2017

Divine Love Talisman
14% Discount Until February 14th 2017

Thank you for reading
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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