January 2018 Newsletter

Special Jewelry for LOVE and a Touching Story From Life

On February the 14th, on what became (in a way) the universal day of love, Valentine’s Day, people are going to celebrate their love to each other. For this occasion, we offer a 14% discount for on our meaningful and unique collection of  “Jewelry for LOVE”. Each piece in this category has a deeply hidden significance, that symbolizes the elusive and mystical concept of love.

Jewelry that Symbolize Love
15% Discount Until February 14th 2018

Kindness in Words creates Confidence.
Kindness in Thinking creates Profoundness.
Kindness in Giving creates Love
Lao Tzu

A Touching Story From Life
For this occasion, I would also like to share with you an unbelievable story, that took place seven years ago. It is a story about Love and Hope and the mysterious ways of life.

The story took place as far as I can recall in 2011. At the time I was working on the new AHAVA ring. A beautiful symbol that was given to me by Dvora Pearlman.

The symbol is composed of the Hebrew letters of the word AHAVA - which translate to love, written as one singular letter. When I’ve finished the model I’ve placed a photo of it on my FB page and immediately got a reply from a woman from the US. She wrote to me that her son just passed away a few weeks earlier and she wanted to purchase the ring as a symbol of her endless love for him.

When I read it I’ve decided to send her the first ring that I’ll make as a gift, but at that moment I didn’t write her anything. It took me three weeks to create the first one, and I left it on my jeweler’s bench.

At that night I was restless, puzzled by this sudden insomnia I woke up at around 2 AM and had this clear thought that I have to find the message from that lady and reply. I wrote her that I will send her the ring as a symbol of faith, that she will always find strength courage and love wherever she will be. After I’ve sent the message, I fell asleep.
The next day, I got a message from her, she wrote to me that she woke up that day and felt that she will not be able to cope with the pain anymore, so she prayed and asked for a sign, a proof that she will be able to deal with this painful situation. Then she got my message and it was just the sign she needed...

What really took me by surprise was that the ring that I have sent arrived exactly at her son’s birthday! I think these symbols have profound and deep influence and sometimes works in mysterious ways…

Jewelry that Symbolize Love
15% Discount Until February 14th 2018

Love and Compassion are Necessities, not Luxuries.
Without them, Humanity cannot Survive.

Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness

Jewelry for LOVE
15% Discount Until February 14th 2018

Thank you for reading
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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