In the Making - Entangled, Venus in Pisces, Oversoul Rings, Four Winds Ring and This Too Shall pass.

We’ve decided to start sharing with you the beautiful and fascinating process of creating the pieces straight from David’s workbench with explanations from the master craftsmen himself, so here we go...

The Four Winds Ring

A beautiful silver ring set with Peridot.

15% Discount Until January 22nd 2019

Four Winds Ring Gold

Price: $1,470 USD

Four Winds Ring Silver

Price: $144 USD

The Four Winds Ring was created especially for truth seekers and travelers. It indicated that truth is not just an elusive concept, but it is also something that lies within ourselves and that the way we perceive reality/ knowledge can be purified if we look inside not outside.

The sentence on one side of the ring was taken from the Tao Te Ching -it says “The farther one travels -the less one knows”. The Hebrew engraving around the stone says - "Father of the four winds fills my sails across the sea of years", one of my favorite phrases taken from the Led Zeppelin song - Kashmir. The font used in the engraved Hebrew letters is taken from the style used in The Dead Sea Scrolls.

Venus in Pisces (Divine Love Talisman) 14K Gold

This pendant is one of the last pieces that were left from the limited edition that was assembled on 21st of February 2018 between 06:32-07:10 GMT+3 during exact conjunction of Venus with Neptune in the sign Pisces, harmoniously aspecting the Exalted Moon in Taurus.

You can see at the upper part of the pendant the ancient symbol of the Penta/pentagram which is the key to the mysterious “Golden Mean/Ratio”. The pentad itself is the exact pattern of Venus as it moves through the heavens, and that is why it was considered by the ancients the planet/goddess of beauty, love, and harmony.

An exact conjunction of Venus with Neptune in the sign Pisces, harmoniously aspecting the Exalted Moon in Taurus. Together this configuration brings about an orchestra of virtues, all enhancing the energy of love, compassion, attraction, inspiration, sensual pleasure, artistic ability, highly receptive intuition, and healing.

Two Over-Soul Wedding Rings

The two over-soul rings in the video were made for a couple as wedding bands. The rings were designed and engraved in such a way that the bride will be wearing a ring with the groom’s name written inside the four Hebrew letters of the word “Neshama”-SOUL, and vice versa. In that way, they will have a powerful representation of the union of two souls...

15% Discount Until January 22nd 2019

Over - Soul Ring Gold

Price: $1,940 USD

The Over-soul ring has the name of the bearer inscribed in Hebrew letters (in genuine Assyrian fonts-the letters of the Torah). The name itself is merged with the Hebrew letters of the word "Neshama" (soul). These letters represent the Superior Soul or the creator himself who protects the bearer of the ring. It is an ancient and powerful remedy for success and protection.

The idea that I am most fond of in this ring is inscribing the name of the bearer, an independent entity and fusing this individual with the collective soul in order for one to achieve unity, balance and fulfill his/her destiny...

The Entangled Pendant

The Entangled symbol was born out of a deep spiritual connection between two souls who were drawn to one another. Together they found true joy in the essence of life. It was as if the two shared one heart and they had finally come home to rest. It is a take on the ancient Asian Yin Yang symbol and concept (the transmutation that exists in the cosmos, the forces that balancing each other - light and dark, masculine and feminine etc)

Entangled Pendant
15% Discount Until January 22nd 2019

Entangled Pendant Silver

Price: $133 USD

Entangled Pendant Gold

Price: $1,149 USD

This symbol was manifested from a vision and buried within its lines are many treasures. It’s meaning is revealed as each aspect is uncovered. It symbolizes the beauty of oneness and is filled with sacred geometry.

This Too Shall Pass Ring

This Ring is based on the legend of King Solomon, who was known as the wisest man. This tale appears in many different versions in many cultures all over the world, due to the fact that the principle that lies behind the ring is a principle that is relevant to all our lives as human beings. On the ring were engraved three letters in Hebrew, ג.ז.י, (translated into English, four) T.T.W.P, initials for “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”…

                                Too Shall Pass Ring
15% Discount Until January 22nd 2019

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