July 2011 Newsletter

One Race Project, Courage and Motivational Jewelry

This newsletter is about courage, willpower and motivational jewelry. It is dedicated to a beloved person, a friend and a client named Rich Aaron Norris that helped me organize a new project called "the Symbol of Humanity" or "One Race project". Rich is one of the most positive people I know. He is a gifted writer, a man with infinite willpower, endless love, and rare quality of encouraging and supporting others.

All of this is not obvious at all, considering the fact Rich is suffering from a rare sickness called PSC. Due to his difficult situation, I have recently decided to send him the ring of courage and the pendant of courage and to dedicate this newsletter to motivation jewelry.

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The "One Race" Project

I live in Israel, and see the fear, the hatered and the territorial disputes in the Middle East that resemble the chaotic state of mankind in many different parts of the globe. I'm often surprised to see the broad usage of the word "race" by people that consider themselves as cultural and progressive.
Today, despite the fact that there are external alterations derived from long times of territorial separation, the fact that we are all one race, takes more respectful place in the civilized world and is well accepted as a true scientific fact.

I've been looking for a really long time for a symbol that will utter the unity of mankind, and finally found it. The symbol of One Race is combined out of two components:
The first is a solar cross, which is considered to be the most ancient symbol in history of mankind. The solar cross is the symbol of Earth, as it was depicted by our ancestors, who used the circle and the cross as a symbol of the Earth and the four winds according to the movement of the Sun.

The second part of the symbol is the first letter of the Phoenician alphabet. This letter looks like the head of a bull – an ancient symbol of mankind. In ancient agriculture history, as it is still today in some places, the bull helped to plow the fields. The Phoenician alphabet is the earliest method of writing that has transformed with time to be the foundations of different types of writing. In addition, this human alphabet stands for communication, and so its symbol has the ability to produce communication among people. That's why I've found this symbol as the most appropriate one to symbolize unity.

I got the final inspiration that helped me to create this symbol during an interesting experience I had a few of weeks ago. I am studying the craft of building stringed instruments/guitars and making my own designs  . During my studies we came to a big wood warehouse. Wondering in the warehouse, we were talking about one of the recent violent actions that took place in the world. As the conversation went on, I mentioned the absurd fact that we direct our efforts towards making musical instruments that bring joy and beauty, while around the globe there are so many people who do the opposite.

Walking in the warehouse, we got to an inner hall that contained big plates of wood with spectacular carvings on it. Those woods were supposed to be delivered to synagogues. Ity had a repetitive pattern of the Seven Species-seven fruits and grains mentioned in the bible as typical to the land of Israel and part of the local ancient agriculture. There was also a verse from the book of Isaiah:  " and they shall beat their swords into plough-shares and their spears into pruning-hooks, nation shall not lift up sword against nation neither shall they learn war anymore". The Sentence is engraved on the outer circle of the pendant and on the sides of the ring.

The most peculiar thing happened two weeks later while I was at the guitar workshop I stumbled upon a book about "The unsung heroes of the ragtime blues guitar which is my favorite style of playing and the name of the book was "and they shall beat their swords into guitars...."

This is a poem that Rich wrote eleven years ago.
By Rich A. Norris

Without hate there would be no crime,
Racism would crumble to dust,
Pessimism would turn to optimism,
War would become obsolete,
Pride would give humility it's due time
Self-degradation would be without a doubt totally irrational,
Fear would have no light,
Possibilities would become realities and
Love would grow indefinitely

You are more than welcome to join his member's page and to send him some support:

One of the main reasons for mankind to go towards a chaotic state of war is fear. One of the most popular jewels on my site is the "Ring of Courage".

Ring of Courage  
Ring of Courage
Ring of Courage Silver

Ring of Courage Gold

On the ring there is an engraving of a text I wrote after a long period of looking for a way to deliver a message of courage, using a symbol. One of the most moving feedbacks I’ve got was the feedback of an Italian writer named Roberto Sabiano, who wrote a documentary book about a cruel crime organization that used to be operated in Sicily.

This book had become a best-seller and Roberto started to be threatened by the mafia and was given protection from the police. An Italian client of mine showed me a part of an Italian TV show, which showed how Roberto explained the meaning of the Ring Of Courage to the audience.

Eclipse pendant and the Alchemical Wedding Talisman

In our astrology section you can find a new addition of the Eclipse Talisman that has been created on the first of July, between the hours of 11:27 and 12:16 am. This pendant represents a deep and meaningful change in its owner's life, and this time its edition is limited to four pieces only.

The Alchemical Wedding pendant was created in the 20th of July, 20 to 54 minutes passed midnight. It is a combination of ancient symbols of astrology, alchemy, the magical unity of the soul, and the perfect balance of the poles. This talisman edition is limited to 5 pieces.

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