In this newsletter, we like to share a personal note from Emily, our customer support manager. Also, in the same spirit, we will feature some of our most loved and reviewed designs.

Most Reviewed Designs

Most Reviewed Designs
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So what is it like to be the customer care person for Ka Gold Jewelry?

Emily Howdy

If you have ordered in recent years from Ka Gold Jewelry, you most likely know my name (Emily) as we have been corresponding regarding your order. In this newsletter, I would like to share with you what it is like to be the one who connects with all of you.

This job is really not just like any customer care job. I read a lot of moving stories, I live your lives with you, reading about your hardships, and your stories stay with me.

You tell me about your family, your babies, your children, and their hardships, as well as their good times and memorable date, school graduations, receiving degrees, as well as, unfortunately, illnesses and death. It all stays with me, and I love you all for that. In some way, I really feel like I know you all.

Emerald Tablet Pendant
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I realize that David's jewelry is more than just a decoration. With its deep meaning come deep stories. Lots of families give our pieces down from generation to generation. I get requests from family members writing to me to ask what was the piece that their uncle/mother/grandmother bought. They wish to have the same so that it will serve as a memory or connection.

One story I specifically remember was about a mother of a child that was facing challenges and feared going to school. She bought him a pendant that gave him the courage he needed to face the other students. She kept writing me and sharing with me how he was doing better and how it gave him the strength he needed.

On another occasion, a grandmother ordered three pendants of the same design for the baptism of her three granddaughters, and how we all hurried to get it to her on time. We knew how important this once-in-a-lifetime event was, and we were so honoured to take part in it.

7 Metals Chaldean Astrology Ring
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Even now, as I write you all, there is a special ring on the way to the USA. This ring was ordered by a man who is going to take it to an event with his girlfriend where he is going to propose to her. It's a secret! She doesn't know! But now, you all know! Isn't that exciting???

I can see the cycle of life from one side, there are some sad stories of sickness and even deaths, and from the other side, newborn babies receive talismans to keep them safe. People write during very special times, points and crossroads in their lives. There are pains of the heart, searches for abundance and finding harmony. For me, the important thing is to be there for you all.

I would like you all to know that I’m reading your stories, looking at your photos, reading everything you write, sometimes crying and sometimes laughing, and trying to do the best for you, not because it's my job but because you all really got into my heart and I love you all for that!!!


Flower of Life Pendants
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Thank you for being a part of our community,
Have a Blessed Week
David and Ka-Gold Team

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