June  2012 Newsletter

Limited edition Talismanic Pendant and Ring made during the Rare Venus Transit Event and Father’s Day Jewelry

On 5-6th June we experienced one of the rarest Astronomical/Astrological events of our time! Venus transited over the face of the Sun - literally appearing inside its flames! This will probably be the last time we will witness such an event in our lifetime, next time it’s going to happen is 2117!!!

Me and the astrologer Michael Ofek, have decided to make two very special talismans to capture this Venus Transit event. For me it meant that I had to wake up in the middle of the night and go to my workshop (at 4am in the morning), but that only added to the magic of the event.

We offer 12% discount on the Venus Transit Talismans and on Father's Day Jewelry

A Mayan Talisman for Venus Transit over the Sun - Limited Edition!

Mayan Venus Transit Talisman Silver   Mayan Venus Transit Talisman Gold and Silver
Mayan Venus Transit Talisman
Mayan Venus Transit Talisman
Gold and Silver

Mayan Venus Transit Talisman Silver   Mayan Venus Transit Talisman Gold and Silver
Mayan Venus Transit Ring
Mayan Venus Transit Ring
Gold and Silver

Venus is the planet that rules aesthetic appetite, love beauty and affection, it’s the glue that binds it all. As Venus moved into the burning flames of the Sun; she had gained tremendous power, uniting herself with the light of consciousness and spirit of the Sun. The ancients called this Cazimi, when a planet conjuncted with the Sun it was called by the ancients “Cazimi” and in this  Cazimi event Venus was inside the Sun’s disk, which make it twice as strong one!!

This is a very rare event and can only happen to planets that are between Earth and the Sun (Mercury, Venus and the Moon) which align itself with the Earth's plane. When the Moon does it-- we call it an eclipse. The current transit is also a kind of an eclipse, shading light on the darkest places which are not always visible. In terms of love, this eclipse is a way of releasing and transforming our earthly physical needs of love to the divine transcendental type of love. The symbol of Venus becomes in unity with the divine source of life which is symbolized by the Sun.

Venus Transit Movie

This event has a very important significance for the collective and the individual in many ways. It is probably the reason the Mayan took this year to be so important! The Mayan have put a lot of emphasis on the cycles of Venus in their calendar and have prophesied this event as the return of Quetzalcoatl "feathered serpent" or 'god of the morning star' which is Venus, entering her morning star phase after uniting with the solar creative force.

To capture the event and to honor the Mayan tradition and their heritage, we are making two unique Talismans-- a pendant and a ring. The pendant Talisman is composed from the Mayan symbols of Venus and the Sun, which were fused together exactly at the time of the transit! The ring is composed of the Mayan symbol for Venus and I have made the models in the same traditional design of the ancient Mayan jewelers.

The symbol of Venus is set with diamonds which is the stone symbolizing the traits of Venus, while the Sun symbol is set with ruby.

I want to apologize for the small number of talismans. I had a very short "Astronomical Window" of time (less then an hour) to assemble the rings and the pendants...

Here is a good source to understand the event and calculate the time it happened in your country:

Father’s Day Jewelry

For me, celebrating father’s day is a showing of appreciation and gratitude to the one who showed me the ropes. Father’s are the backbone of the family, they are the steady source of security and guidance in our family lives.

I have created a collection of jewelry suitable for father’s day gift. Here are some highlights of this collection and a short explanation of the meaning behind:

Four winds ring
On the ring engraved - “Father of the four winds fill my sails across the sea of years”
This is a truth seeker’s ring for those who travel life long journey to find the great truth of living life to the fullest.

Four winds ring Four winds ring
Four Winds Ring Gold Four Winds Ring Silver

The Yang Pendant
Connect the wearer to the male power of solidity, speed, heat, concentration and active power.
Yang pendnt Four winds ring
Yang Pendant Gold Yang Pendant Silver

Jupiter Talisman
Connect to the powerful force of Jupiter for success, abundance and health
Jupiter Talisman
Jupiter Talisman

Inlaid Victory Ring
Achieve any goal. The Laurel wreath around the ring is the ancient symbol of victory which was awarded to the winners in the ancient Olympics. The engraving around the stone says "Dare to be great!"

Inlaid Victory Ring Inlaid Victory Ring
Inlaid Victory Ring Gold Inlaid Victory Ring Silver

12% Discount on Venus Transit Talismans and Father's Day Jewelry

With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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