June 2015 Newsletter

New Venus-Jupiter Talisman Ring and Universal Lunar Solar Edition

This June (2015) we are celebrating the approaching alignment of Venus and Jupiter, the two most benevolent planets in our solar system. This is the second conjunction in the sign of Leo, the first happened in August last year.

The Jupiter Venus Talisman Ring and Pendant
Rare limited edition was assembled on the 20th of June 2015 between 18:20-19:10 GMT+3 during the alignment of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon.

Jupiter Venus Ring
Jupiter-Venus Talisman Ring - Limited Edition
Some of you might noticed those two bright planets getting closer and closer as they are visible in the western sky just after sunset. Venus is brighter than ever as she is in her evening star phase (her preferred phase) Jupiter is also in his evening phase but is a little dimmer as he is much further from our Earth. The fact that we will be able to see this conjunction (which is not always the case, as it depend on its phase from the sun) Is considered a very strong intensification factor in the ancient tradition. The ancients considered the phase and magnitude of a planet’s appearance as a major strengthening factor by which the “statement” of the planet is strongly expressed. 

15% Discount for Jupiter-Venus Talismans and Lunar-Solar Rings

Valid Until July 2nd

The first major auspicious event happened on the 20th of June just one day before the summer solstice! The event was a triple conjunction between the Moon, Venus and Jupiter. The second event will happen in the 30th of June which is the time of the exact bodily conjunction of the two.

Jupiter-Venus Talisman Pendant
Jupiter-Venus talisman pendant
The Talisman’s design is a blend of Venus and Jupiter magical symbolism. It gives great joy and optimism, enthusiasm and winds of freedom and adventure. It will lighten up any situation, give strength, guidance and authority.

In astrology, Venus and Jupiter are the two “good givers”. They symbolize everything from good fortune, wealth, pleasure, joy, luck, hope, love and success. Basically, all the things worth waking up to in this life...

This configuration expresses  heightening in popularity and charisma, artistic talent and creativity - mainly of the performing art but not only. This combination has a flare for drama, movement, acting and a publicity, a general excitement and freedom of inner beauty and individual expression.

Their alignment in Leo is extraordinarily creative and expressive, it is a union that celebrates Life, love, joy and and the abundance of all that is fun, pleasurable, playful, artistic and beautiful. it gives a feeling of hope and a drive for self expression in love and any artistic skill. it attracts happiness success and abundance to your life, and helps heal a depressed soul as it remind one of the joy of the heart (Leo).

The Talisman is composed of silver which symbolizes the Moon, copper  which is the metal attributed to Venus) Venus magical seal, Jupiter's glyph and the crescent moon which is already natively embedded in the original Venus seal. Engraved in the outer copper ring on top is Jupiter 'alphabet', and below of Venus, with the astrological symbol of Venus on both sides.
The Talisman is then 'born' at the corresponding astrological time with the consecration and the charging of the Talisman and the summoning of the forces involved.

Limited edition Universal Love Solar and Lunar rings

On the 30th of June, During the exact bodily conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, I will create a small number of the Lunar and Solar rings as Universal Love Talismanic rings. The powerful conjunction of the two benefics while they are highly visible evening stars (setting after the Sun) while the Moon is harmoniously aspecting them (trine aspect) from Sagittarius, a sign ruled by Jupiter, is a pretty rare event!

Furthermore, in the exact time given for creating these talismans, this auspicious conjunction is placed in the 7th house of love, marriage and partnership, which further focuses this benevolent energy into the union of hearts and strongly reinforces the fires of attraction, the feeling of joy and inner growth in the relationship. These rings are perfect for couples and for those who want to attract fulfilling love relationships into their life.

Universal Solar Ring
Universal Solar Talisman Ring Silver and Gold
These Magical Universal Love  Rings invoke the energy of the Sun and Moon, as the basic male female archetypes. Intertwined in their courses and complementing effects, they symbolize the "alchemical wedding" of masculine and the feminine.

The Solar and Lunar rings are embedded with the magical 'alphabet' of each of the Lights.
The alphabet, or planetary characters are taken from the "Picatrix" (a very important magical text that compiles many ancient magical text) and from "Three books of occult philosophy" by the renaissance mage Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa. Like other magical planetary symbols, the alphabet intention is to communicate with the planetary spirit and draw its energy.

Universal Lunar Talisman Ring Silver
Universal Lunar Talisman Ring Silver

15% Discount for Jupiter-Venus Talismans and Lunar-Solar Rings

Valid Until July 2nd

Thank you for reading
May All Beings Be Happy
David and Ka-Gold Team

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