June 2015 Newsletter

Courage, Abundance and Success - Jewelry for Graduates

Today's newsletter is dedicated to the upcoming graduation season.
For me graduation doesn’t mean that you’ve finished something. It means that you’ve received certain tools, and from now on you are on your own. It’s your time under the sun, your time to shine.
Many of my jewels revolve around the theme of a journey, but it is not meant to represent a physical journey, since for me it is always a creative journey. One of my first pieces was the Four Winds ring which bears the famous saying of the ancient chinese philosopher Lau Tze, the author of the Tao Te Ching - “The further one travels, the less one knows…

So what are the things one needs when he/she embark on a new journey?
Probably courage, wisdom, humility, experience and knowledge. That is the reason I used many of these themes and ideas in my creations. last week, I received once again a powerful reminder for the influence of these creations when I encountered a photo of the famous Italian writer and journalist Roberto Saviano. In his writings, he portrays the real story of the Cammora (Gomorra in Italian) - a powerful Neapolitan mafia - like organization), exposing its territory and business connections.

Roberto Saviano the Italian writer with the ring of courage
Roberto Saviano with the Ring of Courage
Since 2006, following the publication of this bestselling book where he describes the clandestine particulars of the Camorra business, Saviano has been threatened by several Neapolitan "godfathers". The Italian Minister of the Interior has granted him a permanent police escort. Because of his courageous stance, he is considered in Italy a national hero, and the interesting  part for me in this story is that he is wearing my Ring of Courage… Yes, the famous writer actually wearing a ring with a text I wrote about the illusion of fear. In a way I find that unbelievable.

I’ve  gathered here some powerful designs with great concepts that will lead your boat safely across the sea of years...

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Graduation Jewelry 15% off

If you buy the jewel as a gift, consider the meaning that will most touch and inspire the receiver at the time of giving. For Graduation Juewelry it can be WILL POWER, COURAGE, ABUNDANCE or INSIGHTS to LIFE.

Graduation Jewelry 15% off

Flower of Life Jewelry Discount - 1 day left!
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Flower of Life Jewelry 15% off

Creating the Flower of Life
After the Seed of Life creation the same vortex's motion was continued, creating the next structure known as the Egg of Life. This structure forms the basis for music, as the distances between the spheres is identical to the distances between the tones and the half tones in music.
It is also identical to the cellular structure of the third embryonic division (The first cell divides into two cells, then to four cells then to eight).

Thus this same structure as it is further developed, creates the human body and all of the energy systems including the ones used to create the Merkaba. If we continue creating more and more spheres we will end up with the structure shown in diagram below. This structure is called the Flower of Life.

15% Discount for Graduation Jewelry

Valid Until June 22nd

Thank you for reading
May All Beings Be Happy
David and Ka-Gold Team

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