June 2018 Newsletter

New Pendant of Acceptance and Related Designs

The Pendant of Acceptance is based on a design made by Holly Hopkins. Holly received the silver abundance ring as a gift from us and in return, she decided to send us this beautiful symbol. Her beautiful explanation and inspiring story led me to create the Pendant of Acceptance.

"Cast your bread upon the waters,  for you will find it after many days."

This is what Holly wrote about the pendant:
"At one time you all gifted me with a silver ring of the symbol of abundance. It continues to inspire and remind me of the truth of what is and who we are - Divine Abundance.

Please find below symbol that I created about 5 years ago as I traveled the journey of cancer treatment. The unbelievable and transformative journey of a caterpillar to monarch butterfly was much like my journey. Each stage of the transformation depended on surrender. There is a moment in the lifecycle of the monarch when all the stages are together and visible. This is the symbol of the presence of the Trinity (scrunched up caterpillar at the top, the green chrysalis surrounding, and the monarch inside) of those stages and the revealing of the power of surrender to manifest a new life. 

I offer to you, to use (or not) as you are see fit. No strings attached… just like you gifted me once.
Many blessings,
Holly Hopkins

Pendant of
15% Discount Until June 25th 2018

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Pendant of Acceptance

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Thank you for reading
With Great Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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