Personalized Cosmic Sigil in Silver and Gold

We recently received a special request from a customer for the personalized cosmic sigil in silver and gold. The result was stunning so we decided to add it to the website. To celebrate the new option we now offer our Personalized Talismans on special. These Personalized Talismans are some of the most exciting and unique pieces that are made according to the wearer’s birth chart, just like the ancient doctrines suggest.

Personalized Talismans

These Talismans are made according to astrological concepts of capturing the energy of the moment the pendant is assembled into the design. The intended wearer sends us the time and place of birth and our astrologer creates a map and chooses the best time to assemble the pendant or ring according to the birth chart and what he thinks is best to strengthen in the wearer’s life. This is a very powerful personalization that charges the pendant with the right energy for the specific wearer.

Personalized Cosmic Sigil
At the time of ordering the talisman, you send us your date, time and place of birth as accurately as possible. Our in-house astrologer - Michael Ofek prepares your birth chart for the talisman,  analyzes the chart to find the exact time that the configuration of the planets is in it's most balancing, empowering and strengthening state in correlation with your birth chart. I will assemble the Talisman (and magically consecrate it) at that exact point in time, In this celestial window of opportunities that stress your full potential and help resolve difficult combinations.

Personalized Cosmic Sigil

The design of the Talisman is a figure of an astrological chart, this serves as a symbolic mirror image of the solar system in relation to the Earth in the time and place of its making, or the time and place of the birth of a person.

Personalized Cosmic Sigil Ring
The idea of the ring similar to the pendant above.
The ring includes the following Design Elements:
The twelve ancient Egyptian zodiac signs. On one side of the ring - the houses (whole sign house system) are marked with a special engraving of the planets placed inside them according your category of choice, in the remedial Talisman the placement of the planets will be according to the chart of the elected time, otherwise it will be according to the birth chart. On the other side of the ring - gems are embedded that represent the exact placement of the Planets (Ruby for The Sun, Diamond for The Moon and Emerald for the planets). Four engraved lines on both sides of the ring represent the horizon (ACS-Dsc axis) and the local meridian (M.c-I.c axis)

Personalized Cosmic Sigil
                            Talisman Ring

Personalized Trinity Talismans
This is another version of the personalized Cosmic Sigil Pendant. A personalized astrological talisman customized to your own birth chart and crafted at a selected time to enhance the special qualities for you. Instead of using the four elements and all the planets, this pendant will include the Sun, Moon and your dominant planet.

Personalized Trinity

Personalized Solar and Lunar Rings (also as couples rings)
These rings come either as single ring solar or lunar or as couples rings (one Solar and one Lunar together). At the time of ordering the rings, you need to send us your birth date, time and place of birth. Our in-house astrologer - Michael Ofek prepares your birth chart and makes a selection for the right time for the Talisman ring to be “born”.

The Solar and lunar rings are embedded with magical 'alphabet'. The magical seals of the planets are found in many ancient magical texts, about astral magic. the seals are said to invoke the powers of the planets. depending on the use they are used in conjunction with other symbols that are termed the "spirit" of the planet, the "intelligence" and also their magic squares.

Lunar Solar rings

Over Soul Pendant
The pendant contains a small plate engraved with its bearer's name in Hebrew. The name itself is merged with the Hebrew letters of the word "Neshama" (soul). These letters represent the Superior Soul or the creator himself who protects the bearer of the pendant.

Over Soul Pendant

The pendant is an ancient remedy for success and protection.

Over Soul Ring
Similar Idea to the pendant but with the name engraved on the outer side of the ring.

Over Soul Ring

Thank you for reading
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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