Rare astronomical and astrological alignments are happening this month, with the five classical wandering planets in their Chaldean order (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury) all visible before dawn in an arc across the sky (last time in 2004).

Venus in Taurus - Powerful New Talismans

Venus Talismans New
15% Discount Until June 21st 2022

This event becomes even rarer owing to the astrological placement of many of the planets in their heavenly domicile (sign): Saturn in Aquarius, Mars in Aries, Venus in Taurus, and Mercury which will enter Gemini on the 14th. Although Jupiter is not in its own sign in Aries, he does have Triplicity Rulership over the fire element.

We plan to use this powerful occurrence during the month, to create Talismans for some of the featured planets and also revive our Chaldean Order Talismans to fully capture the occasion.

Venus in Taurus
Created on June 7th, 2022  between  3:15 - 3:40 +3 GMT, Givataim, Israel

Our first in this month’s series is Venus in Taurus, the giver of material prosperity, enduring love, sensual pleasures, and physical beauty. For this occasion, we have recreated The Horn of Plenty, and Venus In Taurus Canister Talisman designs.

The Talismans election time features Venus in Taurus rising bright in the east as a morning planet and receiving a trine aspect applied by the waxing Moon (from the 5th house of pleasure). This is a night chart, and the planetary hour is ruled by the Moon, the ‘Sect’ leader of Venus (both nocturnal planets) and Exalted ruler of Taurus (and the Decan of Venus).

Horn of Venus
A Talisman for the Venusian gifts in Taurus - the gift of plenty and abundance, the gift of sensuality and attraction, the gifts of beauty and pleasure, artistic ability and a general feeling of well-being.

In a Magical text entitled “The Little Book of Black Venus” Dee gives this complicated design for a Venus Talisman, with many sigils of her spiritual hierarchy. He then gives a very long and elaborate ritualistic protocol for the creation of this Talisman, while also using a real bull’s horn. In our creation, I will create a silver or gold horn-shaped Talisman and follow the ancient traditional methods and consecrate this Talisman under the Venusian election stated above.

Horn of Venus
15% Discount Until June 21st 2022

Venus in Taurus
The Venus in Taurus Canister Talisman contains corresponding Venusian elements from the three kingdoms of nature: Metal - a piece of copper. Stone/gem - carnelian and malachite. Herb - rose petals. The Talisman is also set with a diamond, which is considered the primary stone of Venus according to the Indian astral magic tradition. The Talisman is decorated with the magical sigils of Venus, plus the “Flower of Venus” - the five petal patterns (set with the diamond) which is the cyclic pattern of Venus relative to the Earth.

Venus in Taurus
15% Discount Until June 21st 2022

Venus Seashell

The symbols decorated in the upper part of the Talisman are the astrological symbols of Taurus (beneath the bail) and Venus (in the middle), while the seashell below is one of the ancient symbols of Venus, which was mythologically born from the sea. There are also two pearls on both sides, which are traditionally ruled by the Moon and Venus.

Venus Seashell
15% Discount Until June 21st 2022

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